Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winners of the Lime Light Charitable Design Team Blog Hop!!!!!

Here is what was posted on the Lime Light Charitable Design Team's blog today:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience!! The winners are listed below along with something that specifically identifies them (heaven forbid two people use the same name in the blog world!). Please send an email to with your name and address so we can send you your winnings. 

We have even added winners since you last heard from us.  At one point, it was a grand prize plus 5 runners up.  Then, 7 runners up.  Now, it's two grand prizes and......I've lost count!! A picture of the winnings is below each announced winner.

Grand Prize Winner #1:Denise "lala3237" from CA


Grand Prize Winner #2:Sassy Scrappin from Sassy's Ramblin's
Our runners-up:
  • My Little Pumpkin 
  • Patti "bbitster"
  • Ashley from Scrappin Pink Piglet
    Plus a $20 Gift cert to Fred She Said --------------------------------------
  • lamerlisa "The Paper Princess"
  • -------------------------------------------
  • Melissa miller.melissa.09atgmail
  • ------------------------------------------
plus some SEI paper I don't have a picture of just yet


...and because we couldn't help ourselves, these lovely ladies below win their choice of a free blog header, blog logo with drop box, or if they don't have their own logo designed...they can choose their own custom logo!
  • Mary NSC
  • Disney Dreamer Designs
  • Mintas Creations

749amcst  A proud member of The Lime Light, a charity-based design team. Click on over to see what we are doing.


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Feel free to add your pic, a pet's pic...whatever makes you happy!

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