Thursday, December 02, 2010

TOP TEN SITES FOR THIS WEEK -- Top places to find scrapbooking help

Top places to find scrapbooking help:

  1. -- She is one of the most talented bloggers out there.  I did mention her in a TOP TEN once before, but it was more specific to converting SVG files.  It doesn't take long at all once you start scrolling through her posts to see how helpful she is with SO much in the crafting world.  So click on over, she's got so much to share.
  2. YouTube -- This particular link will direct you to videos labeled "scrapbooking."  If there is something more specific you want, like scrapbooking for a beginner, type in "scrapbooking beginner" in the search box.  Same for Cricut, Cuttlebug, etc.
  3. Lots of videos & tips & how to's.  I've recommended this site before, & it's well worth mentioning again. She's got great giveaways, fantastic tutorials, and just a wonderfully organized site.
  4. Tammy is more than talented; she is giving & finds the most creative things to share.  She designs for several top scrapbooking companies & shares her talent through printable & video tutorials.  Another great blog from a wonderfully talnted blogger.
  5. The name will be familiar to those who have been in the scrapbooking industry or those who have followed it for any length of time.  What Ali does in this blog is guide you how to scrapbook your daily lives through any number of projects.  She even has a video tour of her blog to help you get started. Click HERE for her list of 20 scrapbooking tips
  6. -- I like her approach, "clean and simple" her books are titled. Her blog flows well & is easy to read.  I like the fact that someone who is so accomplished in this industry and, like me, isn't the most avid stamper.  At one point I thought that was a requirement. Like the others on this  list, she is just amazingly talented. Check under "sponsors" to see which stores accept the code "CZROCKS" for a free gift with order.
  7.  -- This is actually several different scrapbooking artists' creations.  I include it because the pictures of the creations alone should get the ideas flowing.  You can audition for their design team if you wish.  They also are asking for submissions on projects that have been inspired by their designers, & you could win a spot guest designing for the team.  Take a look, this is a fun blog.
  8. -- Full disclosure here: Joy is a blogging friend of mine & a member of the Lime Light Design Team that I founded & lead.  She works so hard on this & other blogs to provide us with constant inspiration.  She is always having giveaways for some great product.  She has pictures of her inspired creations along with wonderful tutorials.  You'll be so hooked on this blog after just one visit, & luckily she provides new material constantly to feed your addiction.
  9. Her whole blog is like she's telling a story, and it's so fun to go along on the adventure.  I like her approach in that she finds the most fun & interesting angle (latest: her mother's wallpaper) to chronicle.  Check out the photo calendars; an interesting way of scrapbooking as you are taking your twelve favorite photographs of a certain them, the previous year, or something else & you can share these "scrapbooks" by printing/ordering multiple copies & sending to anyone you please.  Make sure you keep a copy & laminate it (or trim it to fit on various pages in your scrapbook) so that your family can enjoy it for years to come, not just the year it was made for.
  10. -- This is another blog where the pictures alone inspire.  Just scroll down the pages & you'll see idea after idea.  They have challenges where you can offer up your interpretation.  I've looked through these pics to find just as much inspiration -- they have talented followers as well as the creators and design members.

With all of the time spent on Black Friday & Cyber Monday info (there was a top ten in there, in case you missed it), I didn't have a separate top ten.  I'm just going to call this early for next week, since the goal was to have a top ten posted on the weekend.  Take care, & thanks as always for visiting.

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  1. what? you did'nt list MY site? LOL just kidding! those are some great links! thanks for sharing!


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