Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh, I need your help!

-Update update 1-13-11- I wrote several emails, online forms, and left comments to no avail. When you go to her site, it comes up as suspended

-Thank  you for those that commented, I really appreciate your leaving such detailed information.  If anyone else has ideas, I am more than open to them.--

Waaaay back in April I purchased one of those Lifestyle Letterpress Epic 6 combos from Kaleidoscope Cards and Crafts. They actually took the money out of my account that day (it was only $135.99, because I had a coupon). I found out that they were on back order, and thus the wait began. Over several months I waited, sending no less than 6 emails/communications to them asking them what they delay was at that particular point. No response. I know that around August or September, other stores got their back orders of this product. Long story short, to this day I have not received my order, and they won't return my emails (I have triple checked that I have the right email address, as it was the one they gave to Paypal and is on their "Contact Us" page --info@kaleidoscopecardsandcrafts.com). Have any of you had this problem with Kaleidoscope? I do still have my transaction ID and my email receipt from Paypal. Of course, since it's past 90 days I can't do anything as far as asking Paypal to investigate.

If ANYONE can help, I'd be eternally grateful. You can see how much money I've lost on this, and money is tight (tighter now than it was then). At this point, I just want them to return my money.

Thank you in advance for whatever advice you can give.


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  1. I did some googling. She has had many complaints and told at least one customer that she has been ill most of the year (not that that is an excuse)

    their blog is:

    this message was left on a consumer complaint board:
    "Please contact (me) Bobbie@kaleidoscopecardsandcrafts.com i am the Director of client relations trying to reach out to all complaints on this site"

    I found 2 potential phone numbers:

    (937) 335-4521

    Finally, if you used a credit card to pay through PP, you may be lucky enough to have the CC still dispute the charge for you. At minimum, you can report her to the BBB which might get a response from her should all else fail.

    Good Luck!

  2. Gracie, I don't know anything about the place you bought from, but if you paid thru PayPal you can open a dispute with PayPal since you never got your order - they should refund your money while they resolve the matter with that vendor!!

  3. I don't know who you would contact, but I just wanted to say I'm so sorry this happened to you, that's just crap and I hope it get's fixed SOON. That's a lot of money to lose out on. Definitely not acceptable :-(

  4. Just curious to know if you had any luck? I sure hope so :)

  5. I have left emails, left online comments at the store as well as comments on her blog. About 10 more times since I first published just this post. Nothing. I'm filing with the BBB and maybe the state attorney's general in both states next/ I have paid for a product I didn't get, and she hasn't answered any question whatsoever in the nine months since I started questioning when I was going to my L Leterpress Kit with Epic C. I sent many nice emails them; I am definitely more direct now. I will sure let you know when me, the BBB or state attorney's general make contact.

  6. Okay, I looked it up on whois.com and I found some more info on her. Maybe you can get in touch with her that way.
    Kimberly Cox (kimberly_a_cox@hotmail.com)
    92 Heather Road
    Troy, OH 45373
    Good luck! I hope you get your money, or your product.


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