Sunday, October 10, 2010


So either I'm really late for last week or right on time for this week. Those of you who have a blog know how hard it sometimes is to keep it going in the midst of everything else going on in your life. So thank you for your patience. OK, as you've noticed on some of my lists, they often direct you to specific pages of a site.  Just didn't want to rename it "top ten pages" -- starts to get confusing after a while, huh?

  1. Five productivity Myths (Dumb Little Man site) -- Found this one interesting, especially for what it had to say about multi-tasking.  I love this site in general as you may have noticed.
  2. Wikipedia article on Penny Auctions -- As these are fast becoming popular, I thought you should read. You are buying the opportunity to bid, and each bid extends the auction for a bit--and other "fun" things.  Take a look for yourself.
  3. -- This is another site that has so much and is so well researched & written.  It's got several different categories to choose from when you arrive at the home page. From having 'A Balanced Life' to 'Acne' to 'African History' to 'Albuquerque' (and those are just a few of the "A's"), there is information on this site for everyone.  And yes, there is a scrapbooking section....
  4. ...which leads to my next "site", the scrapbooking section of  I am listing this as a separate site just to bring attention to it.  Rebecca Ludens does an excellent job of telling you how to get started, many different techniques, page sketches, getting organized, etc. This is definitely worth a look.
  5. Blog Secrets from The Cutest Blog on the Block -- Many of you use their gorgeous backgrounds, but were you aware that they have a section that helps you change fonts, colors, remove borderlines, etc., etc?
  6. Craftwell by eCraft -- No mats, you can create your own stuff with the software they include (hint: SVG files good), you can cut True Type Fonts, and so much more.  The pen & blade are in the machine at the same time (no need to interchange).  It retails for $150 less than the Cricut Imagine.  Obviously it does different things, but I think the Craftwell is worth looking in to.
  7. Tammy Tutterow's Vintage Paper Goods.  She has wonderful tutorials, shows you her gorgeous creations and offers free vintage images that are beautiful and delicate.  She has designed for some top companies & has an incredible creative imagination.
  8. Creative Busy Hands -- She has it set up to automatically search for & display blogs with digital scrapbooking & freebies. There's a LOT of stuff listed, & this blog is worth visiting as often as possible.
  9. Learning how to digiscrap, with all the helpful hints & sites -- she does a wonderful job.  If you are even thinking about getting started in digiscrapping, this one's for you.
  10. Mad Imaginations blog -- This is a classy, dainty blog with lots of elegant cards displayed.  I picked this one because I'm always looking for inspiration, and definitely found it here.

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  1. Thank you so very much for the mention of my blog! I really appreciate it!


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