Friday, September 24, 2010

Video instructions from the engineers for the Cricut Imagine

Below the video (provided by Provo Craft) is Joy from Obsessed with Scrapbooking's summary of the video. If you haven't checked out her blog, take a look soon--you're in for a treat!

Q:  Can you still cut with the machine if you run out of ink?
A:  YES!  But leave those ink cartridges in because the machine will look for them and won't like it if they are not there.

Q: Do I have to wait between installing the Imagine cartridge and the Cricut cartridge? 
A: Wait until the machine recognizes one then install the other.

Q:  Do I need to have an Imagine cartridge loaded to use a regular Cricut cartridge?
A:  No.

Q: Can I weld without a Gypsy?
A: No.

Q: When is the Gypsy update?  What will be the Gypsy compatibility features?
A:  Stay tuned!  It won't be all at once.

Q:  If you have a pattern, can I change the colors within the pattern?  (i.e. I have red paper with yellow flowers, can I make the flowers blue?)
A:  No.

Q:  What is the heaviest weight paper you've used in the Imagine?
A:  Thin chipboard and 85# paper.

Q:  Is the ink pigment or dye based?
A: Black is pigment based and the color is dye based.

Q:  Printing and cutting on fabric: How do I make the ink water fast?
A: Spray with fixative, wash with vinegar solution. Can be made semi-permanent on fabric.

Q: Is the ink light-fast?
A: HP Ink is decades/generations fast.

Q:  How can I see the ink levels?
A:  Under "settings", you will see your ink cartridges.  When they are ok, you see a thumbs up.  When they start saying "low", go to the store and buy more. You can still print when they say "low".

Q:  Can you flip an image?
A: Yes you can!

Q: Can I print on vinyl?
A: Yes on printable vinyl - use the Cricut brand, that's what's been tested - no smearing!

Q: Using the Disney cartridges, can I print a flat image with all the layers?
A: Stay tuned for an update.  They are aware of this need.

Q: Can you use textured cardstock?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you print full size 12x12 sheet?
A: In October, there will be an update that will allow this.

Q: Is Imagine compatible with Cricut Design Studio?
A: Not now. They are working on a solution for this.  Look for info to come.

Q: Will ink dry out?
A: Ink is capped. You can also clean the print heads to handle this.

Q: Can you match paint chips?
A: If you know the RGB codes, you can.

Q: Can you store the Imagine on its side?
A: Not recommended.

Q: Can you print on photo paper?
A: Yes, if ink jet compatible.  Select the settings menu and select the photo paper as type.  As new media gets tested, you will get new options.  To print on transparency, choose glossy.

Q: Can you use the Imagine cartridges in the old Cricut machines?
A: No but look for Gypsy info.

Q: How often will new Imagine cartridges come out?
A: 24 just announced and more planned for the holiday season.  A guess is also 2-4/month.

Q: Will you keep coming out with more new regular Cricut cartridges?
A:  Yes!  Look at this Hello Thursday's upcoming release!

Q: Will there be an update to the Imagine that will allow you to move the blade to where you want?
A: No comment.  But, of course, look for an announcement in the future.  Hopefully, some ability to move things in the future will be coming...

Q: Do you have to use Cricut Imagine inks?
A: Yes. Not compatible with the machine and NO other inks compatible with the machine.

Q: Is there a real dial size function?
A:  It's on there - called "true" size.  Relative size is for layering.

Q: Is there a paper saver feature on the Imagine?
A: You can use load last.  But like the paper saver feature like the Expression, no.  But look for announcements in the future.

Q: Can you use the Cricut pens in the Imagine?
A: Yes! In the blade housing!

Q: Is the ink archival?
A: Black is and color is 95%.

Q: Can you save a project on the Imagine?
A: Not at this time.  Look for the forthcoming Gypsy info.

Q: Can you rotate the rectangle 90 degrees so you can print the patterns in the way you want?
A: On list to get done so look for that in the future.

Q: How can I get firmware updates?
A:  May be over the computer or actually on the cartridges.

Q: Should I buy now if all these new features/updates are coming "later"?
A: Yes!  There are tons of things you can do now and it is functional and fun now! It's only going to get better!
Also, take a look at this UStream video Joy posted on her blog (click for the post)--she is full of lots of wonderful ideas!!!

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