Sunday, September 12, 2010


Every week I'm going to (do my best to) post my top 10 websites/blogs for the week, usually on Saturday or Sunday.  These sites can be composed of scrabooking blogs, stores, how-to's,  valuable resources, and just about anything else I think would be nice to share.  Feel free to make recommendations in the comments area; also let me know which sites you enjoyed & why. Soon I'll have the button made that says "I'm a TEN"--if your blog makes the TOP TEN, feel free to add that button to your site {you too, Google ;)}.

So, here's this week's TOP TEN: -- Lots of blog tutorials, and very well organized. --Free digital items for your blog. Beautiful layouts, cards, and other items based on one word, such as "gratitude", "open", etc.  Instructions & pictures included. Great basic tutorial for Cricut Design Studio instructions for all of the major free email providers on how to avoid SPAM & viruses.  Worth a look. This place rocks.  On the page you will arrive at, there's a link to a free Cricut cutting guide.  Also free sketches.  And if you need help with the Gypsy, they have a manual available for purchase.  This is one of those "stop and take a look around" sites She has gorgeous creations posted and if you scroll down a little in the right hand column, you'll see her video section, for those who like to see creation in action. Very talented lady. When you open your browser at the beginning of the day (or whenever), what page do you first see?  This article recommends 6 pages that will help make you more efficient. Ways to expand your influence??  What?? Whether you are selling on the Internet or a graphic designer at your company--or perhaps you're in the PTA or the local Scout leader--learning how to expand your influence when it's needed can be an invaluable skill. All sorts of reference sources; make sure you scroll all the way down to see just how many there are.You can start here to find SO MUCH on the Internet.


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