Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why isn't the Cricut Circle free? Here is Provo Craft's response

“Many of the amazing things we have planned for the Cricut Circle will cost money for Provo Craft to develop and finance. This is the reason that we are asking for a membership fee. Provo Craft feels that any membership fee needs to show value. Provo Craft believes that Cricut Circle members will see the value of membership and that the value will far outweigh the associated fees. This is strictly a voluntary club. Many have already joined and are looking forward to the opportunities that being in the Cricut Circle. If you choose not to accept the invitation we respect your decision. However, we ask that you respect those who have chosen to participate in the Cricut Circle

The exclusive cartridges that Cricut Circle members receive are full cartridges that will not be made available for purchase outside of the Cricut Circle. Every Cricut Circle member will receive an additional 10% off all regular and sale priced Provo Craft items.

Those who choose to join in June 2010 will receive 800 Cricut Rewards points, which is a "value add" because those points can be used to obtain free Cricut cartridges, Cuttlebug folders, logo merchandise, and more."


So there you go--thoughts?

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  1. yeah yeah blah blah. Still not worth it to me, and I do have the money for it. Exclusive means nothing if I don't want the cartridge. And I as a rule do not buy things I cannot see first.

  2. I agree with Kathy L. I just don't see the value for the money.

  3. Good PR statement. I still think it's too much. But some people may not. I also think there is too much replication in alot of their recent cartridges. I haven't bought a new one since Forever Young came out.

  4. I agree with all. There does seem to be alot of replication in images.....or similarities. I like the above can afford it....but still alot of money I could put into cartridges I really like. And I don't just like my cricut......I like my dare I say it......Silhouette. Sorry I love that machine too......cuts detail so fine!


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