Thursday, April 08, 2010

Mother wordbook--time to make it before Mother's Day -- click here for cut file

Making a wordbook:

  • You can use cereal boxes for chipboard (they are usually thin; set your multicut for 2 to begin with & see if that covers it.  Just rip the box apart & place a piece big enough for whatever you are doing.  In making this wordbook, you'll just have to go to each page of the cut file and see what area on the on-screen mat is covered with images & make sure that area is covered with your cereal-box chipboard.
  • Cut each letter/book page out three times-twice with paper & once with your chipboard cereal box material.  As far as the two you cut out with paper are concerned, you need to cut out the letter/book page to lay on top of the chipboard letter with the pattern you want facing up.  The second paper letter you cut out you just need to make sure the pattern you want is towards the mat.  Then paste that letter to the underside of the letter/book page.
  • There are holes on the side of each page that you can put book rings and/or ribbons through.
  • The pink corners you see in the second shot are pink because they are not welded to any othe rshape on the page.  You can remove them if you wish.  Also, I'd choose a nice contrasting color for the last page (listed as "optional" in the cut file) because the corners will cut out to reveal the color on that last page.
Here are some pics of the cut file:

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