Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Savings Corner Post: places to shop that will save you $ $ $ $

There are a lot of places that we go to regularly when we are searching for a deal. I am going to list a few of my favorite places that I don't expect to pay retail; I'd love it if you'd leave a comment to share your favorite places too. I will re-post the list with all of your suggestions in a few weeks so that we can all share in the love.

  1. http://www.6pm.com/ . this site has everything from shoes to purses to belts to watches to...oh, there is just so much!!  They even have headphones and GPS devices.  Items are usually 30-80% off, and there are some serious name brands to be found here. The catch? Not always the greatest selection.
  2. http://www.costco.com/ .  Online has more than the brick & mortar.  But they both  have some luscious deals.  They even have someone making exclusive wine for them in some of their locations.  You do buy in bulk, but things like burritos are individually wrapped in side the bigger bag.  And if you can find a good vacuum sealer, you can cut up the meat into proper portions & freeze it--and it will still taste fresh when it's time to barbecue.
  3. http://www.overstock.com/ .This is really a fantastic site.  Now I have to say that some deals are not that great, but you don't have to look very far to find one. And the most shipping you will pay is $2.95.  I didn't have to pay tax, so it may be one of those deals where you only pay tax if you live in a state where they have a physical location. So back to that shipping thing.  I recently bought a memory foam mattress for $179--and paid no shipping or tax.  This thing weighs 40 pounds.  Anywhere else I would have paid a fortune for shipping.  They also have quite a nice selection including furtniture, bedding, electronics, jewelty, clothings, books, CRAFTS, and more.  So next time you are looking for that Martha Stewart punch, check out Overstock.com.  If the price is close to one you have already found, see if the low shipping and (maybe) no tax don't make Overstock the better deal. NOTE:  Right now they are having $1 shipping on your entire order.
OK--now where do YOU love to do your discount shopping?  Leave a comment on this post & share it with the world!! (OK, my litle world...)

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