Sunday, February 21, 2010 many cartridges will be released this year?

I've heard as high as 100. Some have already been announced, like Give a Hoot & Just Because Cards. Right now, there are about 120 carts out there, included international versions. Click HERE for a complete list.  So up to this point we've had 120 give or take, and supposedly we'll almost double that this year?  Cricut came out in 2006, but they have come out with Cricut Expressions (the one I highly recommend, because everything you can do with the original Cricut and the Cricut Create you can do with Cricut Expressions), and the aforementioned Cricut Create--and the Cake Cricut.  The Cake Cricut is different, because you are able to take it apart as you have to do with machines meant for the kitchen.  If you haven't gotten the Expression yet, I wonder if maybe you shouldn't get the Cake Cricut.  I personally would like to be able to take apart my Cricut just to wash it out once in a while.

So, there are bound to be a lot of carts announced.  If you are watching your pocket book, wait to make those purchases until they've made a few rounds of announcements, as there's bound to be one you want even more...

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  1. You were missing three cartridges in your list. They are Heritage, Sentimentals, and Tie the Knot.

  2. Maroulette--

    Thank you so much! I had a funny feeling I'd missed some, and wasn't looking forward to combing through the list--you saved me so much time!!

    Thanks again,


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