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I've had several questions via email about the customized blogs I do. I thought I'd do this post so that you can take a look & see if it's something you are interested in. My rates are very reasonable and there are a lot of ways in which I can customize your blog.

Here is the form I work through with a client to make sure they get what they want:

---------------beginning of form------------------

Are you looking for (check all that apply):

o Custom blog header to match your current background
o Custom blog header to match a new/different background
o Custom blog background
o Welcome message under header. Welcome message: __________________________________________________________________
o Blog button (one or more-some can have different messages)-how many: ___________
o Blog button with drop down box so others can copy the html into a gadget on their blog (one or more—some have different messages)-how many: _________
o Menu buttons at top (below header, with links embedded). What buttons would you like (you can add more later if you like)?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
o Footer to match header. Good bye message you want: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
o Dividers between posts—let’s face it, there’s a lot of stuff in and between posts, so a divider might be nice…
o Signature designed and installed for each individual post-your signature represents you, and we will make sure it is something you will want for a long time.
o Other information embedded so that it is on every post-can be any text, I convert to HTML.
o A custom PayPal button-I work with PayPal to produce a button matching your blog.
o Column headers detailing what is in each column (no links embedded, will explain further when discussing)
o I want a 1 2 3 4 column blog (circle one)—I also want a footer at the bottom that is as wide as all of the columns. Keep in mind that the more columns you have, the smaller they will be. I can make it so that the columns basically line up with the side of the blog, but then you have to have a fairly plain background so that people can read it.
o What are your five or six favorite colors? This is a trick question—you have to answer in hex code. Go to, click on “Explore Colors” in the right hand corner of the screen, then click “Interior Colors” (actually you can choose either, I just usually start here). The hex number is the six-digit number preceded by the #. This site matches colors nicely as well. #___________ #___________ #___________ #___________#___________ #____________
The screen will look like this after you click “Explore Colors/Interior Colors”:

The color I have chosen is marked with a white dot and can be found both on the right and in the middle selection column. The hex value is in the middle of that middle column with the black background. You’ll also notice that same color ”Rosebud” in the bottom left corner. If the shade is not quite right, this box will help you out.
o Other item(s) I want on my blog: __________________________________________________________________
o Here are some examples of blogs that I have done in the past. If you get a message about not being authorized to access the blog, simply let me know. I “lock” them often when I am working on them. Keep in mind that a lot of these are “works in progress” and that you are trying to see if you like the overall style more than anything else.
Please identify and check off the 4 to 5 blogs below that best define your style or the style you are looking for:  (also a slideshow with several backgrounds at the top of the page)  

Remember that those who have larger computer screens will be able to see more of the background; it’s like putting different sizes of a frame in front of the same picture. The larger the frame, the more you will see of the outer edges. This is part of the reason I am having you view the different backgrounds actually in blog form—so that you can see what they look like on your own computer. Those with bigger screens will be able to see more at the edges. You will of course see the entire background long before purchase so that you will see what those with the largest screens see.

Here are samples of other items available to help give you an idea of what you may be looking for:

a. divider

b. column headers that tell readers what is in each column

c. buttons at the top of your blog that are actually links

d. a grab box below your logo has the html others can copy and paste in to a gadget so that they can add your logo to their blog.

e. PayPal button (custom)-goes right to PayPal

f. design team and blog logo(s)

g. signature that is attached to each post

h. welcome message

i. What else would you like to see?_________________________________

Send this form via an email attachment to You will likely be contacted fairly quickly, but understand it may be up to 5 business days.

A proud member of The Lime Light, a charity-based design team. Click on over to see what we are doing.

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