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Digital and Hybrid scrapbooking: some sites to help out

Digital scrapbooking means that you basically enjoy taking a photo that's still on the computer and dragging and dropping it on to a digital page (all is done on a computer basically). Maybe you like to add, re-color, or re-shape your papers and embellishments, but all of those papers and embellishments are digital. Usually several pages from a specific event (with pictures from perhaps one specific summer trip, a day at the zoo with your child, etc.) are together in one file, but that is up to the creator of the file. Traditional scrapbooking means that you print those photos and adhere them to actual paper pages, usually 12 x 12 (6x6, 8x8, and 8.5x11 inch size pages) and if you are like me, you add lots of embellishments such as ribbon and brads. Those pages are bound together in a scrapbook and sit on a shelf. And hybrid scrapbooking? You mix the two any way you want to, from printing out a digital page to purchasing a hybrid kit that has some digital and some physical elements. You may just print out a page with all of the photos positioned nicely in frames, and add physical's totally up to you.

So if you want to include some element of digital scrapbooking in to your next layout or set of layouts, where should you go for help? If you are a first timer, I recommend the drag and drop--you purchase a kit where all you have to do is drag your photo to a specific location on a digital page and drop it in that area. As you get more comfortable with digital scrapbooking, you'll be able to take digital paper and layer it with photos and embellishments at various angles in various locations on the page, re-coloring and re-texturing as you like. And you can mix and match with physical embellishments and photos, etc., as you like. 

If you want to do some digital scrapbooking from beginner level to advanced, Serif's Digital Scrapbook Artist has the drag and drop kits, ready made digital embellishments, or you can make your own digital embellishments by grouping, using their special cutting tool, or reconfiguring the existing embellishments and papers. You should be able to find this software for around $30 and the software itself comes with several free kits.  The kits they have for sale on their social scrapbooking site, Daisy Trail, are quite a good price and they are set up so that when you install them, they all go in to their proper category (embellishment, paper, photo...). You can do strictly digital pages or you can mix what you have done digitally with physical embellishments,etc. NOTE: Daisy Trail has several free kits (apart from the software you purchase, which also has free kits), and continues to add to that pool of free kits. They also have a free version of their Digital Scrapbook Artist software, but it is quite restrictive.

OK, here are some sites where you can get digital kits, hybrid kits, or help with either of those. Keep in mind that you can go to YouTube, put in the appropriate key words, and find instructional videos to help you out.

  1. Peppermint Creative digital & hybrid scrapbooking art.  They even have images you can use with your Cricut & other die cutters. They also post free downloads regularly.
  2. Down the left side of the page you'll find freebies, tutorials, and other fun stuff to add to your digital or hybrid scrapbooking page.
  3. Shabby Princess--freebies, tutorials, and a social site (like the Cricut messageboard) to share your creations.  Most of these sites have a MB of some kind.  I really like Shabby Princess' style & her kits are a lot of fun.   
  4. Tons of places to get free digital stuff from, listed at  Seriously, this is a fantastic list of places to get free kits from. 
  5. Scrapbook Flair-Absolutely gorgeous kits, and you see the word "free" more than once on the home page that you land on when you click "Scrapbook Flair".  They also have tutorials and a community.
  6. DigiFree -this is actually a digital scrapbooking freebie search engine.  I wanted to include it because their is an ever growing number of sites on the web that provide digital scrapbooking material and this is a good way to find it.
  7. Smilebox - some is free, but depending on what you want the charges can add up. Incidentally, Making Memories has teamed up with Smilebox to kick off their digital scrapbooking program.
  8. Scrapblog.  You can go directly to the site, or go through Photobucket.  I like going there through Photobucket because Photobucket stores the scrapbooks and slideshows for me automatically.  Tons of free stuff, and you can also purchase additional embellishments, etc., if you wish. Photobucket does have it's own photo editing features as well. HERE are instructions on how to use Scrapblog via Photobucket.
  9. Digital Scrapbook Faves - "Digital Scrapbook Faves is the free digital scrapbooking place to find hundreds of new digital scrapbooking freebies, tutorials, tools and promotions, updated several times daily!" Need I say more?
  10. Cottage Arts-More gorgeous digital freebies, along with tutorials, a gallery and more.
There are many many more sites than what is listed, but this ought to get you started--especially since some of the sites listed above list countless sites for free digital scrapbooking kits, elements, etc.

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