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115 Cricut cartridges released or announced --list below; European Decor and Kitchen Bath Decor changes

I thought I'd print the list again below since there have been some changes. The list below includes international versions.  European Decor as well as Kitchen and Bath Decor are now going to be released as FULL cartridges, at CHA in JanuaryPaisley cart pic in previous post.

1. 50 States cartridge - they will even fit together correctly if you cut out the size consistently!

2. A Child's Year (2009)

3. Accent Essentials cartridge- 2nd of 2 cartridges that comes with Cricut Expressions

4. All Mixed Up cartridge

5. Alphalicious cartridge

6. Animal Kingdom cartridge - features include bookmarks and words (sounds) that the respective animals make

7. Ashlyn's Alphabet (2009)

8. Base Camp cartridge

9. Baseball - one of the "two feature" cartridges; the shift key will give you layers for some of the 50 shapes

10. Basketball solutions

11. Batman

12. Beyond Birthdays cartridge - perfect if you want a cartridge for greeting cards

13. Blackletter solutions font cartridge

14. Calendar aka Designers Calendar

15. Calligraphy Collection

16. Camp Out - another "two feature" cartridge; with the shift key, you get either layers or items such as footprints for the animals

17. Cars (Disney) cartridge

18. Celebrations cartridge - balloons, party hats

19. Christmas Cheer cartridge - just what it says

20. Christmas solutions

21. Cricut Keystone cartridge - only available in certain special "bundles"

22. Cricut Sampler - another cartridge that was part of a custom bundle - originally for the infomercial they are running late 2007 early 2008

23. Cursive 101 cartridge

24. Cuttin Up cartridge - originally offered with a QVC bundle

25. Daisy Chain cartridge - this was handed out at CHA in Feb 2008; It has one feature key

26. Daisy Chain International -- pretty much the same as Daisy Chain except for some added symbols including monetary

27. Dinosaur Tracks

28. Don Juan -- at least through Jan 09 is only offered with the Cricut Create. In the US, the Cricut Create is currently only sold at Michaels for the next 6 months (early 09)

29. Doodlecharms cartridge

30. Doodletype cartridge - originally offered with a QVC bundle

31. Dreams Come True cartridge - another Disney cartridge

32. Elmo

33. European Decor -now a full cart, 2010 release

34. Everyday Paperdolls-image cart

35. Fabulous Finds cartridge - has hinges, notebook shapes, ribbon slides - and respective inserts. Very cool cartridge!

36. From My Kitchen

37. George cartridge - comes with original Cricut

38. Going Places cartridge

39. Graphically Speaking -- words and phrases, but no alphabet. It's categorized as a font cartridge although it's really shapes since you can't manipulate the letters

40. Gypsy Font (only on Gypsy)

41. Gypsy Wanderings (only on Gypsy)

42. Hannah Montana (2009)

43. Happily Ever After cartridge - another Disney cartridge

44. Hello Kitty font cartridge

45. Hello Kitty shape cartridge

46. Home Accents cartridge - another "two feature" cartridge. The shift key will get you layers for the original 50 shapes. This is a "simple yet elegant" cartridge full of flourishes, inspirational words, butterflies, birds--it's one of my favorites amongst the Winter CHA group

47. Home Decor -- kind of a sequel to Home Accents -- is a solutions cartridge; was once available only at Wal-Mart, now you can order it HERE and enter a contest at the same time.

48. Indie Art cartridge - the skull & crossbones, the big lips, the radioactive symbol, Crusaders Cross, Zeppelin, etc., etc. - another "two feature" cartridge

49. Jasmine cartridge - very popular when the original set of 12 cartridges came out (12 does not include George and Doodletype since they were exclusive at the time)

50. Joys of the Season cartridge- shapes for many holidays

51. Jubilee-announced April 09. Click HERE for preorder. This is a full six feature cartridge.

52. Keystone International -- pretty much the same as Cricut Keystone except for the monetary symbol

53. Kitchen & Bath Decor now a full cart with 2010 release

54. Learning Curve cartridge

55. Life's a Beach

56. Locker Talk cartridge- geared towards tween and teens

57. Lyrical Letters

58. Makin the Grade cartridge

59. Mickey and Friends cartridge - if you're only going to get one Disney cartridge, this is what I recommend

60. Mickey Font - one of several Disney cartridges

61. Mini Monograms cartridge - I love the features on this cartridge, many options to frame the letter...or not

62. My Community cartridge

63. My World cartridge

64. New Arrival cartridge - all about babies

65. Office Help cartridge - currently not widely offered

66. Old West

67. Opposites Attract cartridge - both regular and cursive writing on the same cartridge

68. Paisley

69. Pagoda Passion

70. Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge - very popular as of early 2008

71. Paper Pups cartridge - yep, all puppies

72. Picturesque

73. Pink Journey, excl to new Pink Cricut Expressions, currently only at M's; solutions cart

74. Plantin' Schoolbook cartridge - 1 of 2 cartridges that comes with Cricut Expressions

75. Pooh and Friends shape cartridge

76. Pooh Font cartridge

77. Potpourri Basket Cartridge -- a solutions cartridge that is in the same spirit as the Cricut sampler, in that it has items from a number of other cartridges--offered with Cricut infomercial

78. Printing 101 cartridge

79. Printing Press cartridge

80. Sans Serif Solutions font -- very plain print font

81. Serenade Solutions shape cart

82. Sesame Street font

83. Sesame Street shape (& friends)

84. Simply Sweet-font cart

85. Snowflakes (ltd edition seasonal cart)

86. Snow Friends (ltd edition seasonal cart)

87. Soccer solutions cartridge

88. Speaking of Fall cartridge - the "speaking of" cartridges are fonts that are made of shapes--leaves, for instance

89. Speaking of School cartridge

90. Speaking of Winter cartridge

91. Sponge Bob (2009)

92. Sports Mania -- unlike the other sports carts, this is 6 features. It has soccer, baseball, football, golf....

93. Stamped cartridge-font

94. Stamping Solutions-image, part of a kit meant to be used with stamping material

95. Stand and Salute-image

96. Stone Script - this is one of the "two feature" cartridges; it has both an upper and a lower case

97. Store Front cartridge - another cartridge that isn't currently widely offered

98. Storybook cartridge

99. Street Sign - another "two feature" cartridge; upper and lower case alphabet with street signs (imagine that) on the bottom row

100. Stretch Your Imagination cartridge- a good "variety" cartridge. My favorite is the feature key for frames to go on the cards. Use real dial size and make some nice large frames for whatever your heart desires

101. Superman

102. Sweethearts

103. Sweet Treats

104. Tags (ltd edition seasonal cart, Christmas themed)

105. Tags, Bags, Boxes & More cartridge - much more fun to use on the Cricut Expressions model. You can make bigger boxes, purses, popcorn containers. A lot of fun for party favors, candy, etc.

106. Tear Drop cartridge

107. Tinkerbell cartridge

108. Walk in My Garden cartridge - various flowers, grass, vases, etc.

109. Wedding cartridge - another "two feature" cartridge; shift key will give you layers for original 50 shapes

110. Wild Card cartridge

111. Winter Woodlands

112. Word Builders 1 Word Party cartridge - parts of words that can easily be put together--with many options for putting the words together

113. Word Builders 2 Garden of Words cartridge

114. Word Builders 3 Oceans of Words cartridge

115. Zoo Balloo cartridge

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  1. thank you so much for posting this. wonderful! it makes putting my wish list together much easier!


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