Thursday, September 03, 2009

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to download ANY Design Studio cut files at present


I have worked it out with 4shared & now you can download cut files again.  WOW, folks, was this a crazy one!

Yesterday I let you know that you couldn't access the "clear" version of the handbooks any more.  Like I said, I was doing this as a favor to someone.  She did the downloading & I had little to do with it.  But I did offer her the space to store these.

I wake up this morning to find out that having the handbook files moved to an "abuse" file wasn't enough, my account has now been banned. I hadn't removed the files yet (it hasn't even been 24 hours), but they weren't accessible.  I just didn't worry about it since Provo Craft got what they wanted. I am still extremely unhappy that they didn't contact me first-I would have removed them without incident had they done this.  As of this morning there are still others who still have the handbooks on their 4shared or other accounts-FYI.

My apologies that you won't be able to download ANY cut files until this is resolved.  Why Provo Craft made at least 2 complaints inside of 24 hours I don't know.  It's almost enough to make me sell my Cricut & shut down the blog.


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  1. You know, I think there is some kind of weird corporate virus affecting companies in Utah these days making them behave in incomprehensible ways towards their customers and supporters ..... imho anyway .... lol! ~chris

  2. Geez!! Sorry, that's spent hours on those I'm sure! Thanks still for your site, you are an inspiration!

  3. I think that is so wrong of PC. Very unfair. If we download the books it's because we want to use them for searching our own carts or to look more closely to see if we want the cartridge after all. I have bought more carts from getting an up close look at what is on them when I really wasn't that interested to begin with. Thanks for all your information and postings. I appreciate them.

  4. I think PC needs to get off their high horse and start actually listening to what their customers want instead of policing others and what they MIGHT do with stuff PC put out there in the first place. I think it might be something in the Utah water, so for all those in Utah, you might think about drinking bottled water lol.

  5. Not a company known for valuing their customers. I sincerely home I never have an issue to work through with them.


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