Wednesday, September 02, 2009

No more "clear version" of Cricut Handbooks

I have looked around and other blogs still have the clear copy of their handbooks available--either the pic is on their blog or you can go to 4shared and get it.  So just Google it & you'll hopefully be able to find somewhere with the clear version so that you can a)see if it's a cart you really want, or b)see what is on what feature key so that you can cut the right thing.


Apparently someone from Provo Craft made a complaint to the service I use, 4shared, and now they (4shared) have restricted those files/handbooks so that they can't be downloaded. Here's the email I received:


We received a complaint that some files in your account are breaking our
terms of use and contain illegal or abusive information. These files were
moved to the 'Abuse' folder and access to them was disabled.
You can remove those files so they will not consume your storage space.

Thank you!
Best regards,
4shared Support Team

and here's a screen shot of what they (4shared) did with the files:

Apparently Provo Craft is cracking down, very interesting that they would go straight to the service I use and not say anything to me.  My email address is readily available and one can leave a comment any time they wish.  I actually was letting someone else use my account to download those files, so my apologies to her.

PC always does things strangely.  Note this email one of my friends forwarded to me:

Apparently the above email is because they are going to be exclusive to HSN. I am not sure exactly when that was sent out because this was sent to me as an attachment.

So there you go....draw your own conclusions.

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  1. That is surprising that they didn't contact you directly. I think what has been happening is that the SCAL people have been taking images from the PC cartridges off the internet, cleaning them up and converting them using Inkscape and then giving them away for free. Sure, it's copyright infringement but that hasn't slowed anyone down. That's why the images for the cartridges on the Cricut site are now fuzzy - it makes it harder to copy them. LOVE YOU, Gracie and sorry this has happened! I'm sure it was a supreme effort to photo and upload those! Hugs, Joy


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