Saturday, September 26, 2009

New blog post editor for those of us with Blogger- what's new and what can you do with it

So you click on "new post" and the box that comes up has new stuff in it. For those that had Blogger in draft, it's mostly the same. But for the rest, you want to know what those new features can do for you.

When you click on the title, you go to Google's explanation of the new features. Here's a brief explanation of the icons at the top of the post editor box and a little more info about one of the newer icons.
If your post editor (the box you type your posts in) doesn't look like this (with the compose tab clicked):

Then (click on customize in the upper right hand corner of your screen) go to settings, basic, and then scroll to the bottom of the screen where you will see this (make sure that the top button, updated editor, is checked):

So we're looking at our new blog post editor box. From left to right, you've got:

  1. undo and redo arrows
  2. font choice drop down menu
  3. text size selection drop down menu
  4. bold icon
  5. italics icon
  6. text strike through icon
  7. text color drop down menu (notice the new colors)
  8. color highlight/(text) background color choices
  9. link (select-text highlight {as in drag your cursor over the text you want turned in to a link} and then click on Link to add the url)
  10. picture icon--insert a picture--THIS IS REALLY COOL, AS YOU CAN DRAG THE IMAGE RIGHT WHERE YOU WANT; you can also click on the image & size it (click small, medium or large) and select left, center, or right justification
  11. page formatting icons, there are four (left, center, right and even justify)
  12. numbering, then bullet points
  13. quote icon (moves the text around to differentiate it--play with this one to see if you like it, I didn't care for it)
  14. remove formatting (the T with the x by it--instead of clicking back through to undo something you have done {like numbering}, select-text highlight (not color highlight) and click here)
  15. jump break (the last icon, looks like a piece of paper torn in two.
  16. in the bottom right hand corner of the box, you'll see three slanted raised lines.  These enable you to enlage the box vertically.
  17. you can also click "post options", which enables you to do things like allow or disallow comments, schedule a time in the future that you want the post to appear, etc. 
  18. add labels or key words if you wish, so that your readers can click on them to find posts with that subject matter that you have also added labels to
Lets go back & focus on number 15.  What this does is give you the option of breaking up a long post.  It's so simple to do this.  All you do is place your cursor where you want the break in text to be, click on the icon, and you have set it up so that your post is split in two.  Readers will see this line with text of your choosing (something like "click here to continue"), click on the text, and the full post will appear.

---Now, to choose the text you want to appear on your posts that you use the jump break icon in---

There is default text, but if you want to change it go to (customize in upper right hand corner of screen), layout tab, page elements selection.  Go to the big area that says "blog posts":

click "edit", and your screen will look like this:

go to "post page link text" and put in the text you want your readers to see in the posts where you use jump break. Don't forget to save. You will also see several other things you can do in this box as well.

Clear as mud?

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  1. Hi Gracie really enjoyed this one and I have grabbed your button and put it on my blog loving the new blog look.

    Big Hugs
    Lorraine x

  2. Thanks so much Gracie for the EXCELLENT tutorial here; I didn't even know this was available; was using the old editor and will now enjoy using this new one! really appreciate the explanations! :)


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