Thursday, September 03, 2009

Answers to questions in the comment box (top of left column)

In case you haven't noticed, I added a comment/question box to the top of the left column.  I'm not sure I like this particular brand, but I will try to have some type of Q&A box on my blog for those who wish to use it.

The first question I answered in the box itself, but the box isn't the easiest to use so I'll answer it here. "Do you know of a Cricut cartridge that will cut out picture mats? Thank you!"

ANSWER: "When you say picture mats, what exactly do you mean? I'm guessing not your typical rectangle that goes behind the pic. Maybe frames? Stretch Your Imagination feature key four has a LOT of frames. Wild Card feature key one has a lot of images that can be used as frames as well. Is this what you were talking about? Please let me know because I am happy to give more info about frames or try & address what your question really was!"

The second question was this: "I was wondering if you could tell me what cricut cartridge in the new Expression Infomercial is being used/shown? Its a lady who shows a fall apart box she has made and has the idea of putting pictures in it...I've looked all over and cant figure it seem to know this craft pretty well so any direction would be appreciated. Thanks!"

ANSWER: Are you talking about the infomercial on THIS site? If so, this is what is in that bundle: "You'll receive a Cricut Expression Cutting Machine, 1 Plantin SchoolBook font cartridge, 1 Potpourri Basket image cartridge, 1 12" x 12" Tacky Mat, a Spatula, 1 Scraper Tool, 1 How-to DVD, 2 Project DVDs, 2 sheets of Black Designer Vinyl, 2 sheets of Transfer Tape, 1 bottle of Glass Etching Solution and 1 Etching Solution Application Brush for $375.00 plus $24.99 shipping and handling. Or you can use our Flex Pay Option and try Cricut Expression in your home for 30 days for only $33.00 plus $24.99 S&H. If you choose to return it, you will have no further obligation. If you choose to keep it, you will be billed 6 monthly payments of only $57.00."

Also: I'm guessing what you saw was the "Exploding Box"  Click HERE for directions.  If you don't have the carts she used, just Google "Cricut Exploding Box" and you'll see several blogs that have their own version of the box.

--Let me know if that answers your questions gals!--

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