Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is precious, you absolutely must listen girls

I still haven't gotten off the floor from laughing at this one. Unreal--read the info below & then listen. HE'S OUT THERE FOR YA, SINGLE GALS!!

(and remember to vote today and tomorrow for Sydney)

The story is this: a girl was out with friends having drinks on King St (in Toronto ). This guy approaches her and won't leave her alone -saying how cute she is. She finally gives in and hands the guy her business card to get rid of him. The attached is an MP3 file of not one, but TWO voicemails this guy left. This goes down in the history books - especially the second voice mail. After hearing them you can clearly see why she didn't call him back - instead she called in to the Z103.5 morning show & had them play this on the air. Ladies: He is out there... :)

Click below to listen; you don't have to download it when you get to 4shared, there's a "play bar", so just click the play button. If you do want to download it (it's so precious, all of your friends need to partake) just download it by clicking on "download now" like you would a cut file.

Someone found his MySpace page. That's two presents I'm giving you all, and it's not even your birthday.

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  1. that is funny and scary at the same time. things like that make my thankful that i am married.

  2. OMG! This guy is ridiculous! Women approach him 5 to 6 times a day?! Sure! He seems really creepy! He's the reason why gals like me don't date!

  3. OMG!!! WHAT A ------ !!! LMAO!!! How FUNNY!! Very creepy, that's for sure!!! THank you so much for sharing that! i will surely share this with others!


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