Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If you're looking to upgrade to Cricut Expressions, NOW is the time; three great reasons to buy one right now

First great reason: there is the pink one that Michaels has that supports breast cancer research and has its own exclusive cartridge. Second, there's the one that Home Depot has that has Picturesque. Here are the specs according to the website for the Home Depot bundle:
  • Over 50 outfits and 11 different faces for dolls
  • Includes Cricut Expression machine and one 12" x 12" cutting mat
  • also includes 1 sheet black vinyl,
  • 1 sheet transfer tape,
  • 1 sheet stencil material, and
  • 1 black Cricut Color™ ink
  • Also includes the new Picturesque shape cartridge
And for the Michaels pink bundle, you get Pink Journey Champagne Rose and it's $399.99 as well. You also get Plantin Schoolbook and Accent Essentials with the Michaels bundle. According to Scottrade, "... Provo Craft will donate $50 per pink Cricut machine and $10 per YourStory to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation when purchased at any Michaels store from August 15 to October 31. " Click HERE for more info as well. FYI, there is a movement to make this cart available without the Cricut Expressions. I think it's worth it, as it will make so much more money if we don't have to buy a whole new machine to get it! Even waiting six months for it is too much, because there could be so much revenue lost during this time period. Click HERE to see the post that talks about writing a letter to the president of Provo Craft.

In that same Scottrade article, (and the third fantastic reason to upgrade to Cricut Expression) they talk about the donation project for schools as well. "In addition, Provo Craft and Michaels have partnered to support education programs across the U.S. During the month of August, with each purchase of a Cricut Expression, Provo Craft will donate a machine valued at $399 to a public, private or home school of the customer's choice. "

Hey you think it's strange that Cricut is at Home Depot? Check out Office Depot.

So, if you want Picturesque, the pink Cricut with profits to breast cancer research for a limited time, or to particpate in the school donation project...time to break open the piggy bank!!

below is the one at Home Depot with Picturesque


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  1. These are really some good reasons to buy one.!! Hopefully I will get it on my next Home Depot visit.


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