Sunday, August 30, 2009

A girl can dream...(aka nothing to do with crafting)

Time for catharsis. I must get this out...

My bday is the second week of September.  Now normally I don't tell/remind people of this day, but this year I'm revealing my wish list.  Why?  Because it's such a tough year economically that I know I won't get anything on the list!!  Backwards logic? I suppose.  I really think that part of me just wants to write it down & get it out of my system.  OK, here's the "If I could have anything for my bday or any other day of the year for that matter" wish list:

  1. Bamboo Craft.  I have wanted this ever since I have discovered it.  Being able to actually create with a pen & have it translate on a computer is nirvana.
  2. IPhone 3G 32GB.  Oh I would LOVE this.  I'm hoping to be able to afford this early next year if circumstances change (make more $).
  3. IPod Shuffle 4GB. I just want it, my present IPod must have been the prototype for the original. And I like the new Shuffles, although I'll probably lose it more often than I lose my phone (because of the whole being small thing).
  4. A gift certificate to Amazon-I could build a house (if I could build a house) with all of the stuff available on Amazon.  Oh wait--that's Home Depot.  But seriously, I could spend all day and then some just lusting after all the neat stuff on Amazon.
  5. Crest White Strips Age Renewal.  A strange thing to put on a list, I know.  But every time I think about picking these up I end up putting them back because there's something I actually need.
  6. A Wii.  And Wii Fit.  And a new gold car.
  7. HP TouchSmart tx2z series.  Go ahead and get me the "recommended configuration" while you're at it.
  8. A recumbent bike.  Just always wanted one.  I guess it kind of reminds me of the Big Wheel I had as a kid. I've picked out a Schwinn that's highly rated.  If you could make sure you include home delivery and a nice warranty when you ring up the tab, that'd be fantastic.
  9. A super-comfy mattress.  I'm still looking through the buying guide for mattresses, but it looks like Sealy Posturepedic is the direction I'm heading. Signature Series, please.
  10. Akro-Mils Treasure Tote.  Nice organization for crops.
  11. Any of a number of Tiffany-style lamps.  Yes, I would love an original Tiffany, but the "style" ones are expensive enough as it is.
  12. Purses. I love purses. The link for this one will lead you to a Tignanello, and I really want one in British tan. I also love Dooney & Bourke (I'd die to get the Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather II Zip Top Pocket Tote Bag in brown), Michael Kors (yay for American designers!), Clava, Tignanello (can't decide if I want it in Loden or Cognac), Etienne Aigner (love their signature color), and I think the B. Makowsky Glove Leather Convertible Tote w/ Seam Detail in Vachetta is the perfect size & color for me. Yeah-I definitely like purses. Should I request the matching shoes? Let's start with Mephisto...
  13. I have no idea why I waited until number 13 to talk about jewelry.  I guess it's because I wouldn't even know where to start.  Or with clothes for that matter.  Should I ask for a gift cert to Nordstrom to get the clothes?  For the jewelry...I think the shopping channels are getting better & better jewelry.  I wouldn't mind a gift cert (if they have them) to HSN, QVC, or ShopNBC. I have to tell you I like Judith Ripka & the fact that she is designing for QVC is no small miracle.  I love THIS bracelet in peridot. And I would kill for THIS ring--just gorgeous. I saw that ShopNBC is offering Sensa--I think I wouldn't mind trying that to tell you the truth.  Oh wait--not jewelry.  Forget I typed that. Pretend I said something about how much I like green, blue, and champagne diamonds (not necessarily all together).
  14. Gift cert to PetSmart or Petco.  I know, how dare I wait until #14 to think of my beloved Terrier.
  15. Oh yeah-- I LOVE Sephora.  I'm sure they do gift certs.
  16. AND THEN SHE GOT TO THE SCRAPBOOKING STUFF.  If I didn't know where to start with jewelry, I certainly have no clue as to where to start with scrapbooking stuff.  I know I want several Cricut carts--I am so behind on getting those.  I want Graphically Speaking, Lyrical Letters, Picturesque (it could happen), Sweethearts, Serenade, Winter Woodland, Stamping Solutions, Pink Journey, Don Juan, Ashlyn's Alphabet-now do you see how behind I am? Now I'd love a Gypsy, but I think I'll wait 6 months until the price goes down. I'd love any of the new non-seasonal Cuttlebug folders.  Quickutz has SEVERAL A2 folders that I would love as well.  I'd love any of the folders featured on THIS page. Gift certs to Michaels and JoAnns would rock.  I want the Quickutz Epic 6 in the letterpress kit, and the Creatopia as well because it has a 12 inch throat. A friend turned me on to Creek Bank Creations, and I think I'd like a gift cert to them too. I don't have any of the Nestabilities or Borderabilities--I'd love to get started collecting those as well.  Since I have the I-Top I'd love more brad daddies so I can continue making my own brads.  I'd love the attachment to be able to make large brads as well.  You'd think with the above list of "I just have to have" that I didn't have anything in my crafting room.  You would think wrong.  I'll tell you this--the thought of cleaning and organizing it is daunting, and that is being nice.
  17. A subscription to Veranda magazine.  I love flipping through the pages, it gives me all sorts of ideas.
  18. Gift cert to ITunes.
OK, that felt really good.  And since I'm sure I forgot something, I reserve the right to change this list at any time.  Wow...I'm a new woman now.


  1. I'm new to this blog but I will be back. Your writing made me chuckle. I see some of the bags you mentioned on QVC and I cannot imagine spending $200+ on a bag! I have 2 Shuffles and I love them because they are small and SIMPLE! I have a reproduced Tiffany and love it - we seem to have a lot in common. How do I become a follower or whatever? I am new to blogs! I guess that I will just come back? And, of course, I am a scrapbooker! It is slowly becoming an obsession :0)

  2. Babs-

    I'm thrilled that you enjoy my blog. To become a follower just scroll down the right hand column about 1/5 of the way & there is the section for Followers--Just click on the white/gray box that says "follow" in it & there you go.
    I so wouldn't mind a shuffle right now. I usually have a bit more spending money but like everyone else things are so tight. So no $200 purses for me!
    Thanks again for visiting.

  3. Dear Gracie and followers,
    I am now an official "follower" and hope to add something sometime :0)
    Although I have a splitting headache, I am going home in an hour, after work, to my new Cuttlebug! It feels like I ordered it from a sale at Oh My Crafts, YEARS ago but it has only been a couple of weeks! Unfortunately, I suffer from chronic headaches and today seems to be one of my bad days. I will probably just lay on the couch and drool....
    I have been working on Mini-albums for my four adult children for part of their Christmases. My son's is almost done; I can't believe it - that I'm so far ahead of my planning. I went back to their photo albums and scanned photos of each of them, had Snapfish make wallet sized photos, and adhered them onto little chipboard pieces that will ultimately be chained together and then put into little boxes. The boxes are about 4"X4" and have 8 chipboard pieces in each one. I've also started painting two other boxes and chipboard pieces. Since I already have the photos, I hope that those go together quickly.
    What is everybody else up to?
    I want to get into card-making? Does anybody else make cards? I see a blank card and my mind goes blank! Can anyone share what they do?
    That's all for now :0)


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