Friday, May 01, 2009

Survey Results: Which Provo Craft items do you plan on purchasing in 2009?

I found a lot of this information very interesting. I originally didn't realize that the Life's a Beach cart would be so popular. I also wondered how many would be upset with Provo Craft because of their lack of customer service, etc., and just ban them altogether. It's hard to do such a thing when most of us love our Cricut's so much that we can't wait to see the next accessory, cart, etc., come out.

The survey results from 308 participants are as follows:

Which of the following do you plan on purchasing in 2009? Check all that apply.

Life's a Beach Cartridge 181 (58%)

Lyrical Letters Cartridge 146 (47%)

Hannah Montana Cartridge 32 (10%)

A Child's Year Cartridge 99 (32%)

European Decor Solutions Cartridge 66 (21%)

Kitchen & Bath Decor Solutions Cartridge 101 (32%)

Stamping Solutions Cartridge 48 (15%)

Sponge Bob Cartridge 28 (9%)

Ashlynn's Alphabet Cartridge 73 (23%)

Another cartridge not mentioned above that is already out 113 (36%)

Yudu Screenprinting System 17 (5%)

GoBe Batterypack 7 (2%)

The PRO version of Design Studio when launched 76 (24%)

The regular version of Design Studio out now 29 (9%)

Stencil Material, Magnetic Material, Vinyl, or the Heat transfer material Provo Craft puts out 41 (13%)

Your Story Book Binder & Laminator 23 (7%)

Cricut Stamp Making Kit 54 (17%)

Cricut Embossing Folder Kit 69 (22%)

Deep Cut Blade & Housing 91 (29%)

Cricut Storage-either portable or the one for carts 34 (11%)

Not a @#$! thing from Provo Craft, I'm protesting because they won't a)make a Mac version of Design Studio, b) produce a cart everyone on the Cricut MB wants, c) listen to their customers!!! 18 (5%)

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