Friday, May 22, 2009

More cut files for tiered chipboard books-two in this post alone! Another Cricut Design Studio tip

I thought I'd try & post as much of my old, unposted stuff as possible. So here goes. Both of the books have a last page that doesn't have decorative edging in order to have a firm backing. They also both have a liner below the (chipboard) page that you can cut out & lay over the corresponding page in the chipboard book if you want.

This one is made from Storybook & George. Click HERE to download:

and here's an example of a page of the cut file/chipboard book with the liner below:

Here is the second tiered chipboard book. I call it a mini-book, as it's a little smaller. It's also scalloped & I even added circles in the scallops to mimic the Threading Water punch from Fiskars. The holes on the left are for rings or ribbon to tie the pages together. The screen shot is showing all of the pages in the chipboard book (all of them have "include page in preview"checked). Click HERE to download the scalloped mini book below.

Design Studio Tip: Did you know that if the keyboard shown for the cartridge you are using is ordered like the keys on your computer (any computer), you can type out what you want on the screen instead of clicking each letter? The exception is the shift key. If the shift key is pressed on the keypad of the cartridge shown in Design Studio, you will get whatever is on the shift key when you type. Same goes for when the shift key is not pressed. You get whatever is on the keyboard without the shift key--even if you press it on your computer.

OK, here is an example of a cartridge that will correspond with whatever you are typing on your computer:

This is without the shift key pressed. You will get the letter that you type, as long as the shift key is not pressed. If you press the shift key and start typing, you will get the corresponding shape from this keypad:

So what shape is in the place of where an "A" is, you'd get that shape if you typed "A" on your computer with the shift key pressed in the keypad shown in Design Studio.

Here is an example of a cartridge that will just flat out not work, because the letters are in alphabetical order and not standard typing order:

If you are using a cartridge that is a shape cartridge, I recommend just clicking on the keypad in DS. Otherwise, there's a lot of guesswork. So, if you can get it straight that the shift key on your computer means nothing in Design Studio (that you have to press the shift key on the keypad showing in DS if that is what you want), then you can type whatever letters you like & not have to worry. Clear as mud?

A proud member of The Lime Light, a charity-based design team. Click on over to see what we are doing.


  1. Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Cricut Freebies Search List, under the Elements post on May. 22, 2009. Thanks again.

  2. Wow Gracie! These are FABULOUS!! Thanks for the .cut files! And aren't you just too smart? I had no idea about typing with your keyboard. Great information!


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