Sunday, May 31, 2009

Design Studio: Did you know?

OK, some of these have been posted before but I thought it would be nice to have this information in one place. You can go to the label area of any post containing Cricut Design Studio help and click on "Design Studio help" and it will bring up all of the posts that have DS tips in them.

So, did you know:

  1. That you can hit the "Alt" key and the arrows around the images/set of images will disappear for as long as it is depressed? And that even while the "Alt" key is pressed you can move the image around?
  2. At the top of the DS screen you can click on "Help" and then click on "Enable Balloon Help", and then you can hover your mouse over various keys and get brief explanations?
  3. If you click on an image while the default size is set at, for instance, one inch--and then enlarge it 20%, that every image you click on in that character string (inside one set of arrows) will also be enlarged 20%? Basically, any change you make size wise to the initial image(s) will apply to the next images in that character string.
  4. If you want to get as many images as possible in one character string (or in between one set of arrows), make sure that your cursor is as far left as you can get it--which is actually to the left of the "cut" line (see #10)--and make sure that your default size is set to one. You can always move your starting point within the area that will cut, and you can always enlarge or change the shape afterwards. This way you can get as many images as possible "grouped" together to move or alter as you wish.
  5. If you want to only view the cartridges that you own, you can group them together under "My Cartridges"? "My Cartridges" is in the drop down menu in the Cricut Cartridge Library, the box with the purple top. To add a cartridge to this list, double click on the cartridge name in the menu that contains all of the carts so that it appears to the right of the Cricut Cartridge Library. Once it's there, click on "Preferences", then "My Cartridge". Continue until you have added all of your cartridges. Once you are done, just click on "My Cartridges" in the drop down menu of the Cricut Cartridge Library and you will only view the cartridges you own.
  6. "Apply" in the Shape Property box at the top right only applies to "Kerning"? A negative kerning (such as -.02) will bring the images closer together, and a positive kerning will lengthen the distance between the images.
  7. When you click on "weld" in the Shape Property box, it only applies if images are touching? Basically, anything within the character string (between the arrows) that is touching will weld; and, anything that that character string is touching (any other image or set of images that are in one character string) that also has weld checked will weld together.
  8. That with "Real Size" below the cartridge keypad you will literally get all of the images the size you have chosen in "default size"? Your capital letters and small letters will all be the same height. Layering pieces like Tinkerbells eyes will be the "default size" and not the small size they need to be to be in proportion to the main image, which is Tinkerbell.
  9. "Paper Saver" will place images so that you waste the least amount of paper? Click on it, and type your name and see for yourself. You won't want to use this if you will be using the negative image. "Paper Saver" basically "top justifies" the image.
  10. There are green lines that represent the 12 x 12 or 12 x 6 or 12 x 24 area. But there are faded lines inside of those lines that represent where the machine will cut. I refer to those as the "cut lines" (like in #4).
  11. You can right click on an image on the keypad and add your own keyword? You can also click on "remove keyword" to see any keyword that Provo Craft has designated for that image. You don't have to remove the keyword of course. The keyword may actually explain what some strange shapes are.
  12. When you click on "turn 90" in the Shape Properties box at the top right, it will rotate the shape 90 degrees to the left (counterclockwise)? If the shape is already turned, for instance, at 45 degrees, it will turn it to 0 degrees. If it's at 97 degrees, it will turn it to 90 degrees. Play with this one a bit to see if it's something you'll use. If you haven't touched the image and it's at 0 degrees, it will turn to -90 degrees. You can click it twice to turn the image upside down at this point.
  13. Elaborating on #12, to make a mirror image (with the image starting at 0 degrees), first copy and paste the image. Now, on the second or copied image, click "turn 90" twice and then click "flip shapes". The second shape will be a mirror image of the first.
  14. You can delete or remove various "lines" in an image. This is another one you need to play with. First, make sure the image is highlighted with the arrows. Second, right click on the image. You'll see dotted lines, some black some red. Click on the line that you want to remove. Then right click on it and click on "hide selected contour". While still highlighted with the arrows, it will change from a purple to red color. Once it isn't clicked on any more, it will turn blue. If you delete two lines from the image, it will still be deleted once you save it and come back to the image (otherwise, not so much). If you are trying to delete a line on an image that was pasted (as in copy & paste), you will have to save your project, close it, and then open it again. It should work at that point.
  15. If you want to know what will cut on a page, make sure that that page is the only one that has "include in page preview" checked when you right click on the mat. Then, open a new blank page. Click the "view" button, or the eye, on the left hand side of the screen. You will see what will cut without the weld lines interfering.

Clear as mud???

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  1. Thanks for all the tips! I'm still learning DS, so this is really nice!

  2. Yep! Clear as mud. Well, clearer actually :)
    Thanks Gracie!

  3. Sure... now to remember what I read! Thanks, I will be checking back on this page.
    Cheers --fran--

  4. i jsut bought DS, and i thought i could use my carts to design with as well. combinng them iwth other carts i own. i'm having trouble figuring out how to "upload" (?) my own personal carts to the listing shown on DS. cna you help me with that??


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