Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And the winner is...

I want to get these posted today so this is short & sweet. Will the winners please email me at saigegrace@livedotcom? Thank you & congratulations!

Solutions Cart or $25 gift cert to JoAnns...LEM Photography
$10 gift cert to JoAnns...AUsome Mom (Diane pls email me about the blog header)
Free Blog Header...Happy Happy Joy Joy (Obsessed W/Scrap)
Free Blog Header...Fran (Just a Cuttin)
Free Blog Header...Terry D.

As you can see there's more prizes given away than originally were planned. I wanted to give away extra prizes since this thing took on a life of its own and you were all so patient.

Congrats to all. As a thank you to all who entered, I'm going to offer half price on a matching blog header (either matching your current background or one of my backgrounds). They are normally $22 but you can get one for $11 as long as you notify me by the end of June that you want one. You don't actually have to get the blog header by the end of June, I just need to know if you want it. Again, that offer is for everyone who left a comment to enter the drawing (or sent me an email).


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  1. Gracie...Thank you so much for my gift certificate!! Ironically, Joann's is opening a new store in my area. How cool is THAT?! My email address is diana.butler@gmail.com. Thanks again!!
    (By the way...I'm still getting that "abort" message and having to hit the back button on my browser. What a pain.)

  2. Well, I click on your McDonald ad.. thinking I would get a free coupon.:-(
    Have a great day.


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