Friday, May 08, 2009

Want to win a FREE SOLUTIONS (two feature) CRICUT CARTRIDGE of your choice? Or a gift certificate to a scrapbooking store? BLOG CANDY BLOG CANDY ALERT


I've also been asked, for those who have all the solutions carts they want for now (or even some who don't have a Cricut who don't need carts at all) if there was another option. WELL OF COURSE THERE IS!!!!!

If the winner doesn't want a solutions cart, they'll get a $25 gift certificate to Joanns (if not in their area, we'll find a crafting store that is). I AM ALSO INCLUDING A SECOND PRIZE OF A $10 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO JOANNS (or whatever is in your area) TO THE SECOND PLACE WINNER SINCE THIS IS GOING ON LONGER THAN ORIGINALLY ANTICIPATED.

(see below for rules & delivery dates).

I'll also do a random drawing for a free blog header as well. Thanks for your patience!


I understand that many of you have had trouble leaving comments. For that reason, I am extending the deadline until May 17th to leave a comment to enter the contest.
I think this is the fair thing to do, since some have put the link on their blog but have not been able to leave a comment. Hopefully that problem is fixed. The winner will be announced on the 24th of May, and the cart will be delivered within 30 days, likely sooner. Just giving ballpark figures (especially since things often get crazy around here!) . If you still have problems leaving a comment, email me at saigegrace@livedotcom

Here is a list of solutions carts:
  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Soccer

  • Home Decor

  • Home Accents

  • Blackletter

  • Sans Serif

  • Street Sign

  • Camp Out

  • Christmas

  • Indie Art

  • Stone Script

  • Wedding

---original post---
It's simple. You see, I am trying to make sure that everyone knows that Imagine That is the new name for Everything Cricut. All you have to do is post a link to Imagine That on your blog and explain that Imagine That is formerly named Everything Cricut. Then leave a comment on this post with a link to the post on your blog that has the information about the name change. It needs to go to that specific post on your blog so that I can find it.

Note 1: If you don't know how to create a link out of a specific post: click on the title to the post (advertising the name change info) on your blog to get that link, or click on that post in your blog archive if you attached a link to that post. Leave a comment on this post if you have questions on how to do this, and specify that that comment is not to be published.

Note 2: May 2nd is the last day to enter. The winner will be announced by May 9th and the cartridge they have chosen will be delivered to them by the end of May/beginning of June if not before. SEE UPDATE AT TOP OF THIS POST

Let me know if you have any questions, and GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Hi Gracie!! Here is my link that advertises your new name:
    I absolutely mean everything I say on my blog about you and your wonderful site. I visit every day and enjoy everything you have to offer!

  2. Gracie,
    I am passing on the word for you. I have it listed at the very top center of my blog.
    Here is the link:
    I hope this helps get the word out. You have such a great blog with so much information.

  3. Hope I did this right :)

    Love your blog :) Keep up the good work!

  4. Okay, I posted this info on my blog This is a great site and having a Cricut solutions cart would be awesome as I don't have any.

  5. I am so glad Diana posted on her blog about the name change and gave the link to your page. Will be back offten to visit!!

  6. Hope I am doing this right.. I can sure use a new cart. Love this site, check on it about every day. Thanks for all your hard work. You had some information I could use about the DS today.

  7. Gracie

    I have posted a link at the top of my blog to the right of my title saying this:

    Imagine That is the new name for Everything Cricut.
    Take a look at the revamped 'Imagine That' which was formerly Everything Cricut, you wont be disappointed. Just click on the new name!

    Here is the link:

    Great blog, full of useful info and it's free!


    Congrats on the new name ;-)

  9. Congrats! Here is a link to the post about your blog and the name change!
    :o) Scrappuccino

  10. Hi
    I visit this blog daily, so I posted a link at the top left site of my blog in english and in dutch

    thanks for al the work you do and for al the great things on your blog.

    Hug Linda

  11. (note: this is Gracie moving Dawn's info to the right post)

    dawnluvz2scrap said...
    I love your blog and linked it to mine! Love blog candy too. I hope I did it right. Here is the link to mine.

  12. I love your blog and not only have a link to it, but I include it on my class handout - "Great Internet Sites" when I teach Cricut 101 classes.

  13. Wow! Lots of information here. Love the site. Tried to set-up a blog, but didn't get finished.
    (scrappyone) on the Cricut MB

  14. I just discovered your blog. It is great! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! Here is my link:

    Maria Snook

  15. Oh, Gracie! The time is drawing nearer and I can't wait for your giveaway! Also, the blog is looking cooler every time I pop over here!

  16. Happy to help spread the word! You have a great blog full of useful information!

    Thank you so much for doing this!


  17. Love this blog! Posted about your name change today on this post:

    Thanks so much for doing this drawing! Your site rocks!


  18. I'm glad I found your blog just on the right time. Here's my link . Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

  19. I love coming over to your blog, you have so much of the newest information that I can't find elsewhere, Thank You for being so up to date in the newest of products. ~Krysta

  20. Here is my link to YOU!

  21. I updated my link and also wrote a brief post on this change of name, (I am not a talker at times). Thanks for the chance to win. I really love your blog.

  22. I love this blog so of course I don't mind spreading the word of your new name. Here's the link to the post

    Thanks for this awesome contest!

  23. Thanks for this amazing opportunity!! I hope I win!! Here is the link to my post:

  24. here is my blog, it's new and mostly about my family anyway click
    for the specific post...thanks

  25. This is the post on my blog about your name change:

  26. WOW! are the best!! I hope it's ME!! Here's the link again...

  27. I love your blog and was happy to post your name change with a link on my blog. Here it is...

    I need to go back and update you in my blog bar next ;)

  28. Hi Gracie...Once again you have given me inspiration. I started a blog back in December of last year and have been dragging my feet....I saw you post on the Free Cricuit carts and you lit the fire...So Here is my blogg address.
    I put a little plug in for the name change....but I do not know how to do a link to your blogg. Stop by and be the first to comment on site! Thank you

  29. I'm just starting to blog but here's a link.

  30. This is Gracie posting for Vicki, who had trouble leaving a comment:

    Here is the link to my blog spreading the word about your name change from Everything Cricut to Imagine That. I also added you in my sidebar "Happy Places to Visit". Very informative blog, keep up the great work! Vickie Kipp

  31. This is Gracie posting for Daria who also had problems leaving a comment.
    I just found your blog via Scrapbook Village's website. I have added you to the blog I write for our local scrapbook group in Bradenton Florida.

    I will also be adding you to my personal blog and will send that link after I get it posted today.

  32. I have a post on my blog for you, hope it helps!

  33. awesome blog candy i posted on my blog

  34. I found your blog early on while looking for helpful Cricut information, and I lost track of how many times I gasped with excitment at what I had found on your blog. Thanks so much for your hardwork. Glad to help spread the word!

  35. Hi, Really like your flower pot card. Thanks for sharing. JoAnn

  36. Thank you for offering blog candy
    Please visit my blog.

    Here is my post:

  37. I LOVE new cricut carts! Thanks for offering the blog candy!

  38. Thanks for offering the blog candy! I love cricut carts! lol

  39. I posted on my blog
    You have a very informative site to a newbie Cricut owner like myself!

  40. Love your site and all the cuts. You are so talented. Thanks so much for sharing that talent. It is much appreciated.

  41. Love your site and the cuts you post. You are so talented. Thanks so much for sharing, it is much appreciated.

  42. This is Gracie posting for Dana to enter her in the contest:

    Love your site! I have been hooked ever since I found it a few months ago. You have given me so many great idea's to work with.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

    Dana Krawczyk


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