Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Paper piercing & inking patterns: picture tutorial -- click here for cut file

I was trying to achieve something close to the dotted paper piercing patterns you are seeing out there. Cricut does only so good when cutting small holes (thus my love for Fiskars & Martha Stewart border punches) but I went ahead & designed this cut file in DS & then cut one of the designs out using Plaid's stencil material that you can get at Wal-Mart.

What you see in the screen shots of the cut files are the "dot" designs and a corresponding optional shape that you can put the dots on top of (with ink or whatever). Here is what one of the images looks like once cut out:

Here are the images in the cut file:

I decided I wanted to ink the flower pattern I just cut out. I used Fantastix coloring tools (they look like little pens with a spongy tip, and are washable/reusable). I just pressed the "stick" into the inkpad and rolled it a little, and it picked up the ink quite well. I then applied the stick to the circles in the stencil. Using one of these "sticks" made the image look much better than just applying an ink pad to the stencil. Here are some pics of the process:

Here is what the image looked like once I was done inking:

If you are going to cut out your own, you can use the regular blade and set the multi cut on three. In other words, the blade will cut out every image three times. I had no problem with my stencils when I set the multi cut on three (at least with the Plaid stencil material). The Plaid stencil material is washable--I just rinsed off the ink once I was done. Quick note: I did try to cut an image out with Bazzill, and the holes just didn't look right. A couple of the little holes were still attached to the paper. The images looked like ovals instead of circles. I used the same blade on this piece of paper as I did on the stencil material. Here is the result:

Give it a shot--just pick out an image you want to use, and then make a circle 3/16ths of an inch in diameter or less if you dare, and follow the outside of the image with these circles. Once you are done, move the original (not the dots) image to the right to see that the little circles have formed in the shape of your original image. You can add dots anywhere you like on the inside of the image--this is your creation. If you want to see how I made the file you see above, just move the image on the right over the dotted image on the left--I just put the circles as close the the edge of the image as I could without having them overlap. On one, I just put the circles in a straight line since the petals of the flower were too narrow. I'd love to see your creation, feel free to leave me a comment & I'll post it if you like.

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