Friday, January 30, 2009

So what does the creator of the Child's Year cartridge have to say about the creative process?

I asked Sharyn Sowell, creator of the Child's Year cartridge, to let us in on what turns the creative lightbulb in her head. She was kind enough to let me, and in turn all of the Everything Cricut readers, in on the process:

I'll never forget the day I fell in love with my scissors. I was sitting in a rowboat, my husband & father in law hoping to catch a string of trout and our two sons wanting adventure. They'd finished all the snacks and games and everything else I could think of. Every mom knows that feeling of desperation.

I pulled out my husband's Swiss army knife in a moment of creative genius, and started cutting up the lunch bags to tell the boys the Noah's Ark story. What fun that was! Soon we had a zoo full of animals and I was addicted to paper and scissors. The boys are now in college and I am still snipping away.

But even for a hard core scissor addict like me, this takes hours.

When Provo Craft asked me to scissor out a new cartridge I was tickled pink. It would include all the best parts of a child's year... birthday parties, sunny days at the beach, rainy day puddles, vacations. We'd have little boys with their puppies, sisters playing, ice cream treats, and snowmen. With so many keys, we could include tons of special moments. I snipped out things for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentines and Fourth of July. And tons more!

We decided that the images weren't enough so we included tags, cards and layers, layers, layers.

And you can cut them out in a flash!

I can't tell you what we've got planned for future cartridges (my lips are sealed but when we sat down last week to talk about it my hair about sizzled it was so exciting!) These children are just the beginning... Cricut just gets better and better.

You can see more on my website and send email to offer suggestions of what you'd like to see next. My website is: When the Child's Year cartridge is shipped and you've had a chance to make something with it I would be so delighted if you'd share peeks with me! I'm sharing my world with you in the cartridge, and I'd love to share yours, too.

Seldom do I have the chance to talk with the people who use the things I design, but if you're one of them, I'd like to say a big and very, very heartfelt thank you.

I believe with all my heart that "real life is the very best fairy tale!"

Sharyn Sowell

---Thanks Sharyn!!!----

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  1. Wow, thanks for posting this mini interview. The cartridge sounds very interesting.

  2. Gracie!!
    I'm so SO glad you were able to interview this artist! I saw the previews for the cart, and knew immediately I'd get this one as soon as I can.
    It reminds me so much of the Boxcar Children books I read as a kid, the illustrations are exactly like these cuts! Oh, the ideas for projects!!!!!!
    THANKS for interviewing this artist!

  3. Susan, I adored the Boxcar Children, too, but it's hilarious that I don't remember their illustrations. Now I think I will have to go back and see what they were like! I hope everyone will like the carts when they get them, I have poured so much love into each one.

    Sometimes the designer really makes something a total labor of love and in this case I can only hope you'll feel that whenever you use the cartridge.



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