Friday, November 21, 2008

More Design Studio Tips

  • If you hold the "alt" key down, the arrows ("handles" - whatever you want to call them; they are the black arrows in the blue circles) will disappear for as long as you hold the "alt" key down
  • When you press copy & then paste, the image will appear at the same location on the page you paste it on as the location you copied it from; so, if you press copy & paste on the same page, you will have one image directly over another (you just need to move the image where you want it)
  • To add a cartridge to your "Favorites" or "My Cartridge" list, go to the purple box that says "Cricut Cartridge Library". Under the word "View, scroll down until you find the cartridge you want. Double click on the name of that cartridge until the keypad appears to the right of the "Cricut Cartridge Library" box. Now, go to the top left portion of the screen and click on "Preferences"; either click on "My Cartridge" or "Favorites", whichever list you want to add it to; it is now added to the respective list.
  • Want to cut something that's a little thicker? Go to "Preferences" in the upper left hand corner of the screen as is mentioned in the previous bullet point. Now select "Multi-cut". You can select the number of times you want the blade to go over the same image, depending on thickness of the paper.
  • Want some additional "Balloon" help? Go to the "Help" (just to the right of "Preferences" in the upper right hand corner of the screen). Click on "Help", and then click on "Enable Balloon Help". Now, when you hover your mouse over different areas of the screen, it will tell you what they are/what their function is. Try hovering your mouse over the "shift" key on the keypad, for instance, and then try hovering it over "revert" in the "Shape Properties" box.
  • Looking for something specific & not sure which cartridge it is on? Go to the "Cricut Cartridge Library" and under "View" select "key word". Put in what you want-"frame" for instance. Now select the fast forward set of arrows to see that it goes to "Accent Essentials", and even has a specific key highlighted!
  • The "Features" selection in the upper left hand corner tells you what each feature key on the keypad does, as well as how many feature keys there are (including the feature with the "shift" key pressed); you can actually switch which feature key is pressed right from this location.
  • Want to delete a whole page? Go to "View" in the upper right hand corner, and select "Delete Page"
  • Want to keep that page, but delete all of the shapes on that page? Go to "Edit", and select "Delete All".
  • Want a mirror image of a specific shape? Once the shape is highlighted with the arrows, click the "(turn) 90" button twice, and then check the "flip shapes" box.

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