Sunday, November 16, 2008

Interesting ways to make headers for your blog-click here for sample file of method 2

I like playing around & figuring out new & different ways to create. I thought I'd share a couple of ways to make headers for your blog.

First Way

*Take a screen shot of your blog background--somewhere with no wording. To get free software to take a screen shot, go to Scroll past the sponsored software & you'll see the software that's free (as in free permanently, not just free to try).

*After I took a screen shot, I went to Photobucket (also free); the address is You can add a border, text (the name of your blog....). Just click on edit. It's pretty self-explanatory once you set up your account (leave me a comment if you get stuck here & I'll walk you through it).

* Make sure & save your creation to your computer so that when you click on customize (upper right hand corner) you can upload without any problems. At this point, right below the blue "Navbar", you'll see the name of your blog. Click on edit, and then a box will pop up. From there, beside the word "Image" select "From your computer". Then upload the image you created. You can select, below that, whether or not you still want the name of your blog to appear infront of the picture or instead of the picture.

Second Way

This is a fun one. Use your Cricut Design Studio to make a header.

*The key is to never check weld, and select colors from the box you get when you right click on the mat. If you want to make sure that, for instance, your wording appears in front of your background instead of behind your background (as in the background of your header), make sure that the page with the wording (likely the name of your blog) comes first. So, first create a page with the name of your header. Then maybe create a rectangle behind it of a different color on another page. Add flourishes...whatever you wish. Make sure you move the rectangle background or whatever you choose as your background to the last page so that lettering, images, etc. will be in front of the background. NOTE: if items do not overlap, it's not as important to make sure which page comes first. But if they do overlap, that's when moving the pages around will make a difference as described above. Just play around & see what you like.

*To make sure everything "overlaps" appropriately, go up to "View" and check "Keep preview as mat background". Click on view each time you add an image and the mat will be updated with the new image.

*You can easily move pages by again, right clicking on the screen and scrolling down to "Page Order". It will give you four choices. Just select which you want. The great thing is that you can use any shape from any cartridge -- since you aren't cutting anything out, no limiting to the carts you own. You can even do this with the trial version -- you don't even have to own Design Studio! Just do one page per color, take a screen shot (those instructions are above), and save it to your computer. You can even upload it to Photobucket (see above paragraph) and add a border, "stickers", or whatever you wish.

Here is a header I was playing with but decided against -- I couldn't get it quite right & liked the first option for creating headers a little better..


Below is another one I was just playing with. If you want to download it as a guide, click HERE.


Both of these methods are fun and much, much easier than they may seem. Have fun!

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