Sunday, November 02, 2008

Design Studio Tips - getting a true "Flip Shape" when you've rotated or slanted the original image

You're flipping a shape that you have slanted. It slants the flipped shape alright, but you want a true flipped shape - one that is symmetric to the original. Just go up to the "Shape Properties" Box in the upper right hand corner and put a negative sign (or if it's negative, take the negative sign off) in front of the number in the slant box. (note: just ignore the welding box that I have checked for this first set of instuctions-it was for the project I was doing)
  1. Here is the original shape, which I have already slanted using the arrow in the upper right hand corner: Photobucket Photobucket
  2. I click "copy, paste, flip shapes" because I want both the original and a flip shape for what I am creating: Photobucket Notice I have moved the pasted shape to the right so that you can see what it looks like without the shapes overlapping.
  3. Now, I go to the shape properties box and put a negative sign in front of the number in the slant box (and then hit enter): Photobucket
  4. Your screen will look like this: Photobucket

The exact same principle applies when you have rotated a shape and you want a true right-to-left flipped shape

  1. Here's the original shape: PhotobucketPhotobucket
  2. I've pressed "copy, paste, flip shapes" and moved the copied shape to the right a bit so you can see it better: Photobucket
  3. I put a negative sign in front of the number in the rotate box: Photobucket
  4. Now this is what our screen looks like: Photobucket

Easy enough, huh? I often use the flip shape feature when I want to make a symmetric shape (the original and the flip shape together), so this comes in handy. NOTE: your flipped shape still has the arrows all in the same location as if it were an original shape.

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  1. Great advice! This is one of those "I can't believe I never thought of that!" moments. Whew! Just saved me lots of time, Gracie. Thanks.


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