Monday, October 06, 2008

Some quick tips for Cricut Design Studio

  1. If you click weld before you click copy (and then paste), both the item that you are copying and the respective item that is being pasted will have the weld box checked; if you click copy, then weld, then paste, only the item that you are pasting will have the weld box checked.
  2. When the weld box is checked, everything between the set of arrows in the blue circles (hereafter referred to as the "character string") will be welded to a)the other items in the character string that it is touching; and b)items that also have the weld box checked that are touching it that are in another character string. Here are some examples: First, we have a character string: Photobucket Next, we check the weld box. Photobucket But, if the letters aren't touching the weld box doesn't mean anything. You can move the letters close together two ways. You can either use the nudge keys to move them right or left, up or down: Photobucket Or you can use KERNING. A negative kerning will make the letters come closer together. Start with -.02 or -.03. The apply key is only for the kerning; it does not affect anything else in the "shape properties" box. You use the tab key or enter for the other items (i.e., changing the size) in the "shape properties" box. In this next screen shot I have applied a negative kerning and the letters are overlapping: Photobucket So how do I double check that my shapes look like I want them to? First, click view (the eye on the left hand side). This is what you will see: Photobucket The faded lines will not cut. But there's an easier way. First, make sure that the page you are checking on the weld for is the only page checked to view. How do you do this? Right click on the screen. Make sure the page you are checking on has a checkmark by the words "Include in Page Preview". Once that is done, open a new, blank page. Now click view. This is what you will see: Photobucket

More tips on welding and other items next week!

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