Monday, October 13, 2008

Keeping Mats Sticky/Re-sticking Mats

I got this from Carol on the Passporter MB, thought I'd share:

Mats should last a long time! Then, when I do need mats, I buy them with the 40% off coupons, or stock up while they're on sale at Mikes, Joanns or ACMoore. After every use, scrape the shards off with the scraper. Wipe down with a baby wipe, and after the mat dries, put the clear cover over it. I clip it on with a couple clothes pins, because my mats stand on edge.If the mat is totally dead, I take it outdoors (because there *will* be overspray) and spray it with quilters adhesive first in one direction, then the other. After it dries, the mat will be tacky.To extend the useful life, it's important to get a good seal between the paper/cardstock and the mat. A small brayer or firm pressure from your hand on a flat surface will work for that. Paper sticks more easily than textured cardstock - so mats that won't hold the latter may still hold the former.Also, don't always start cutting at the beginning of the mat. It is possible to use smaller pieces of paper and start the cutting at any point on the mat, which may also help extend it's useful life.I LOVE my cricut! Happy cutting!

I myself use stencil adhesive spray; make sure you use painters tape (you can get it for $2-$4/roll at Wal-Mart) on the edges. What's in the pics is Scotch's masking tape for basic painting; the spray is from Stencil Ease. I think the spray was between $4-$5, I got it at M's with a coupon. Everything outside the green line needs to be taped up. If you don't, you'll end up getting adhesive on your rollers which will mess up everything. Don't use regular adhesives, as your paper may never completely come off the mat!

Sue from Sue's Cricut & Crafts had the best tip--make sure that the side of the clear cover that is against the mat when you first purchase it is the only side the touches the mat; if you reverse it, that side of the clear cover will rip off a lot of your adhesive. Visit her blog HERE.

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  1. Great tip! I am using a mat that's on its last leg, I'll have to give this a try.

  2. Let me know how it goes!

    (love your blog, btw!)



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