Sunday, October 12, 2008

Design Studio Tips

  1. For a mirror image, click "turn 90" twice, and then click "flip shapes"
  2. Updates have been made so that "burping" is rarely necessary. If you are welding multiple shapes together, burping will often give you varied results depending on which of the shapes you burp. In order to burp, click "copy, delete, paste" in that order.
  3. You can weld items from different cartridges. In order to cut out that or any project, you must own (or borrow--it has to be available to plug in to your machine or Jukebox) the cartridge. What that means is that you can design with any cart, but only cut out a project with the ones that you own.
  4. There's a green line that forms a square (or rectangle, if you have the baby Cricut--or of course if you're using a 12x24 mat) on the mat in Design Studio. Inside the green line is another faded, grey line. You will only be able to cut what is inside the grey line(s). If something is outside the grey line boundary, it simply will not cut the part of the shape that is outside the grey line. If you have several characters in a character string (you have clicked them all inside one set of the arrows in the blue circles), and you don't want to cut either the first or the last, you can move the character string so that that shape is outside the grey line. Everything that is inside the grey line will still cut.
  5. Paper Saver and Real Dial Size work the same as they do without Design Studio. Paper Saver does not space the letters (or shapes) according to normal kerning, but places them so that you can cut as much as possible with the least amount of paper. Knowing Real Dial can especially be helpful when you are cutting out layers, etc. First, let's look at why you would NOT want to use Real Dial. If you have Stretch Your Imagination, for instance, everything is based on the key height character which is the card. If you want a 5 inch tall card, you set the height ("default size") for five inches. You can then cut out the corresponding frame by first clicking on that feature key. Next, make sure you are clicking on the frame that belongs to the card (same key, this time with the frame feature key pressed). The frame will NOT be 5 inches tall if you do not have Real Dial on. The Cricut system was designed so that you wouldn't have to guess, for instance, which frame would fit properly on the corresponding card. What if you DO want a five inch tall frame? Just click on Real Dial! (after all that....)Photobucket
  6. Here's what the keys on the left hand side are for:
  • new page (in the project you are working on)
  • copy (copy what is highlighted, or inside the character string--the set of arrows in blue circles)
  • paste (paste what you have just will paste on the same location you copied from on whichever page you click "paste" on)
  • delete-will delete whatever is highlighted on the screen (again, whatever is highlighted between the arrows in the character string)
  • View -- this will show you what is going to actually cut when you are ready to do so. In order to best view what you want to cut, make sure only the page you want to view has the "include page in preview" line checked (right click on the mat), and view on a new, clean page
  • Cut -- yep, this will cut whatever page you are on when you click it. Make sure your USB cord is hooked up from the computer to the Cricut, and that you have the cartridges used in your project all lined up
  • Fit View/100%/200% -- Fit view means you can see the whole mat, 100% means things are "to size" (Although this depends on your monitor size), and 200% is just double that; it's good when you're manipulating smaller shapes & need acute precision.


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