Friday, October 10, 2008

Cuttlebug Crayon & Ink

It was Mel Stampz's blog where I saw a lot of this technique; check out my blog list if you want to see her wondrous, incredibly talent filled blog.


OK, for those of you who downloaded the window card (click on the title to download it again), here is something else you can do to spice it up. Click HERE to go to the post that originally had the window card; it does have limited information.

OK, for the blue piece you see in the pic (it frames the panes on the front of the card), I used the pieces that the Cricut cuts out (the six squares) on the inside of the card. To make sure I have them correctly placed, I put dots in the corner of each square through the front of the card. The picture will better explain:


To see the squares placed on the inside of the card, continue below. It is the next picture.

Embossing the card:

Open it up. You are embossing the right half of the card that already has the blue (or whatever color you have chosen) squares glued down. Make sure that, after you run your paper through the Cuttlebug, you open it up (so that the inside of the card is accessible to "crayon") but DO NOT take it out. You need to have a backing to support the embossing. The back of the card will be up against the Cuttlebug folder. Now unwrap a crayon and rub it over the embossing in a circular motion. You'll definitely get it at least one place where you don't want it, so scrape it off with your fingernail or something sharp. Done with that step? Now, smear ink as evenly as possible over the whole kit and caboodle, and then dab it off (with a paper towel)--especially around the areas you've just "crayoned". It will come off easy on these areas because of the wax.

I also cut out a duplicate of the card (the actual card itself, not the frame) so that I could put the window frames that were on the front of the card on the inside of the card. In the pic below, I just haven't cut off the left half yet. Here is the result, both before and after I glued the (right half of) the green piece on. The pics are a little deceiving because they still have the left half of the green piece on.



That was actually a yellow Crayola crayon and Java walnut ink (in a dauber bottler).

Once I cut the left half off, here was what the card looked like from the front. I think next time I will choose different color papers...


Another option that I didn't like, but you may have different results, is to run the green layering piece on the inside through the Cuttlebug and emboss it with Versamark. Here is what it looked like. Definitely would have made different choices.


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