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A New and Exciting Feature Columnist here at Everything Cricut

Oh, I can't tell you how excited I am! We have a new weekly columnist here at Everything Cricut, and her name is Susan. That would be THE Susan from Sue's Cricut and Crafts. For those of you who don't know Susan or would like to get to know her a little better, there's a nice bio preceding this week's column. Susan will be helping you with many of the basics involved in using and maintaining your Cricut/Cricut accessories. Susan's column will be replacing CricuTips; we're going to try & do a better job of mixing those in with the blog posts.

Without further adieu, here is Susan's biography and first column....


My name is Susan, and I currently live in Oklahoma near Tulsa. I was born, grew up and went to college in Wisconsin. As soon as I could, I moved to Texas to teach school. I now have taught in Laredo, TX; Houston, TX and Tulsa, OK. I am currently starting my 21st year teaching. My husband Manuel and I just celebrated our 6th anniversary. He works for the NWS – that’s why we are in Oklahoma! He is from Panama and worked at the Canal for many years until we met, he then moved here when we married, and obtained his citizenship.

I’ve always had varied interests – music (playing and listening), crafts (counted cross stitch, card making, stamping), baseball/softball, swimming, reading, cooking, travel, etc. Teaching has always been my profession, but I’ve also got my hands in lots of other things! Just a few of my peripheral jobs have been; gift shop sales, Mary Kay consultant, baseball AAA scorekeeping, softball scorekeeping, working at a cheese factory (college summers), and radio DJ’ing. Quite a few interesting experiences!

I have to mention my kitties- I currently have two; Hank will be 10 years old in April 2009, and Sandy will be 2 years old in April 2009! They are lots of fun, and I love them SO much! They are my very cute babies. Their pics are on my blog. I had a cat named Jellybean for 17 years, and she passed in January of 2006. She was the best kitty ever and I miss her all the time. She was a very, very, good and very smart Beannie.

My current obsession is my Cricut Expression! I saw the infomercial and had to wait 7 or 8 months to get it! Every time I saw it, I was dying to have it. FINALLY in March 2008 I went and got it, and haven’t stopped since. I have to give lots of credit to the Cricut Messageboard for inspiration and their help with ideas for projects. On my blog, you’ll see some other non-Cricut cards, but for the most part my Cricut projects.

I am so flattered to be chosen as a Cricut ‘newbie’ to write a series of articles for the Everything Cricut blog! I hope that you will find what I’ve written to be of use to you. I also like to post little picture tutorials (I don’t know when I’m getting a video camera.) on the Cricut Messagboard.
----------column below----------

What I’ve Learned About Cricut!

This is my first little article about my Cricut experiences, and I’m flattered to say that Saige & Grace asked me to write. I thought about lots of things, and took some ideas I’d seen on the Cricut Messageboard, and here are my thoughts.
I think one of the most important topics to learn quickly about your Cricut is the mat. Do you know how important the plastic cover sheet is? I learned that one VERY quickly! I now mark my mats so I know ‘which side is up’. Use a Sharpie before you ever remove the cover on a new mat, and mark it TOP around the little hanging hole at the top. I also write it around the sheet in other places so it is readily visible. WHY is this tip so important??? Mat Life!!! Have you ever noticed that you place your clear sheet back on and some of the ‘stick’ from the mat is on your clear cover sheet?? I did, and ruined an entire mat that way. If you mark your clear cover sheets, you won’t have that sticking problem. It turns out they are NOT equal in non-stick properties on both sides of that coversheet. I’ve been able to keep some mats for quite awhile. There are techniques out there for extending mat-life and products to use… more next time!

Sue’s Cricut and Crafts Blog:

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