Sunday, September 14, 2008

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Topic this time: What Is the Rhyme or Reason to Blade Depth Settings!

Are you having difficulty with blade depth settings to get nice clean cuts from your Baby Bug (Cricut) or your Big Bug (Cricut Expression)? I’ve got a few things to say about this, and I hope it will help you avoid some of the trouble I’ve had! First, take a look at the paper you’re cutting in your Bug – are you using a typing paper thickness? If you are, then set your pressure at the 2nd lowest setting, and leave the blade at the #4 setting. I’ve made gorgeous colored paper cuts with the Celebrations cart to make those multi-colored confetti pieces that way, and it worked like a charm.I am a BIG fan of the smooth cardstock, so I usually have my Bug set like this: Pressure – high, Blade depth, 4. I severely disliked using the textured cardstock so many of the Cricuteers use – but have come to learn the tricks of its use just recently – and I hope this helps you. For textured cardstock, set the Bug like this: Pressure – max, Blade depth, 6. These settings should give you nice clean cuts on almost any paper! Remember to turn down your settings, or readjust them when you return to your favorite type of paper! Even I have come to appreciate the textured cardstock cuts from my Bug.

**Take a look out on the Cricut Messageboard – I try to help as much as I can when people ask questions – so search for those posts.

There’s so MUCH to learn!


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