Thursday, August 21, 2008

Use of Cricut logo, etc.

I've seen a lot of sites using the Cricut logo & wanted to make sure that it is understood that there are specific conditions to using Provo Craft's intellectual property. Having dealt with trademark infringement in a past job I know how serious this can be. Even visiting their site you agree to a Terms of Use policy. To even sell anything Cricut online, you have to be a premier retailer. Selling on ebay (such as an ebay store, etc.), is prohibited according to wholesaler guidelines. On the wholesaler guidelines page they also state: "All Cricut® logos and images are property of Provo Craft and Novelty Inc. They may be used to promote the sale of the machine and cartridge that is associated with the said image/images, but the use of them in any other way is strictly prohibited."

I'm not sure if Provo Craft makes exceptions, but please contact them so that you don't get fined in any way. The one exception I think they may make has to do for charitable causes/reasons. If you've contacted them about using their logo & they've made an exception, that's great. Make sure you use the "TM" or "R" appropriately as designated in the style guide (as well as other items listed in the style guide) they gave you and all should be OK.

Just an FYI.

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