Thursday, August 14, 2008

Open Call for Charitable Design Team Members -- PLEASE SEE UPDATE AT TOP OF POST

August 17th update to this post:

Thank you so much to all of those who have responded to the design team call. What wonderful blogs we've seem so far! I'm sure you've guessed that we're looking for various crafting skills on those blogs as crafting, or rather, sharing those crafting creations, is a vital part of the equation. The deadline to apply for the team by leaving a comment with your blog URL on this post is September 8th at midnight Pacific time. By the end of September, we'll have a site set up for team members & discuss the first project. That will give everyone time enough to update their blogs if they wish, as well as decide if joining this team is the right step for them. There are many exciting things in store for this team, and I think the members will truly enjoy being a part of it. Team members will be doing one project a month on average, and are asked for a one year commitment with the understanding that some months can be skipped. We understand "life happens", and want this team to be fun & not a burden in any way. Thanks again, we look forward to this team coming together & working with such wonderful crafters.



I see alot of design teams on the net for various blogs and think "how much fun!". I also see design teams for the individual retailers as well as the big scrapbooking companies themselves -- not to mention design teams for widely-read magazines. What an honor it is to be on any one of these teams.

We decided to do something a little different.

I've worked in children's hospitals as well as for crisis organizations & have always wanted to be a support to those in need in whatever manner, however small it may be at the time, that I can. So what EC is putting together is a design team that will consist of the following:

  1. 8-10 scrappers/paper crafters who currently have a blog. If you don't & would really like to join the team, contact us by leaving a comment on this post and we will walk you through setting up a blog. It's easy, fun, and free.
  2. Sharing local acts of crafting charity on the design team blog as well as their own. This could be items such as doing a "secret pal" type act for someone at your work or making a poster for an organization in the community.
  3. Constructing cards or other such like items for children's hospitals or other organizations in need (likely as a team).
  4. Supporting fellow team members with inspirational items from quotes to cards to any creative idea you can come up with.
  5. Ideas generated by individual members as to how to share our talents as crafters to uplift those in need.
  6. Setting up Cyber Crops (taking turns teaching individual classes) for various charitable needs.

If this sounds interesting to you, please leave a comment on this post that includes a direct link to your (crafting) blog. Also feel free to include in your comment any information about yourself you feel relevant to being included on this design team. Comments are currently being moderated & I will not publish any information given on this post. We hope to have the team in place by the end of September. We ask that you be available an average of once a month for a card swap, quote swap, team cardmaking party, or other such event. The idea is not to take up as much of everyone's time as possible, but to show how much good people can do when doing something they love.

--Everything Cricut team

Note: Involvement in this team, since it is voluntary & charitable, is acceptable to put on a resume or in a portfolio when described fully and accurately. We are not, however, a charitable organization with tax exempt status.

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  1. I have nominated you for the Brillant Blog award please check my blog for information about the award and to add the award to your blog.
    I have nominated your blog because of your dedication to everything Cricut I visit you site often for ideas & tips! Thanks for sharing!


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