Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Latest hints from Provo Craft as to upcoming products...via a survey -- click here to go to survey

They're giving away 5 $50 gift certificates that you can win if you take the survey, and those who win will have the choice of getting those certificates from PC Crafters, CreativeXpress, and Cricut.com. So even though the products are right on PC's website, take the survey anyway. I'd go for the CreativeXpress certificate if I won because they offer more products and always have great promotions going on. But if you like clip art, etc., PC Crafters has a nice selection of it. And we all know what Cricut.com has (OK, CreativeXpress has it too). Here are some questions from the survey that let you know what they're about to launch next. Keep in mind that you also get a link to see these products in action right on the survey; I have included the link to each video below the survey question.

"If there was an all-in-one, simple to use, Silk Screening product that enabled you to personalize clothing (t-shirts, etc.), posters, wall art, and home d├ęcor (accent pillows, etc.) with your own designs, would you be interested in learning more?"

http://www.cricut.com/surveys/survey2/FlashPopUp.aspx?ID=2 will lead you to the demo

"If there was a product capable of Heat-binding Books and Laminating Pages (up to 12”x12”), for creating and binding photo books, school projects, scrapbooks, recipe books, business documents, etc. would you be interested in learning more?"

http://www.cricut.com/surveys/survey2/FlashPopUp.aspx?ID=3 will lead you to the demo

The heat binding product you may have heard of...........it's part of the "Your Story" system.

Click HERE to see Provo Craft's current line of products, including the new ones.

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