Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Free sites and software to help you display your Cricut creations online

There's so much wonderful free stuff on the internet these days.

4shared -- will store your Design Studio & SCAL files & makes it easy for others to come & download those files

Mediafire--same as 4shared.

Picasa2--this is Google's photo editing software. It's very easy & you can upload your photos straight to Blogger

Adobe Photo Album -- has a nice autofix feature to edit your photos

Photobucket -- this is also a site for photo editing (& storing), but it makes it easy to choose what kind of photo you want to post -- thumbnail, messageboard size....and it also gives you html code for the picture that you can copy & paste right in to your blog post

Screen Print & Capture -- many use this to take a picture of a portion of their screen when they are trying to demonstrate something in Design Studio or SCAL on their blog. It is exactly what it says it is...something that captures your screen, colors and all....and then puts it in a JPEG file.

The Font Thing -- those who have SCAL use this to organize their fonts. It's a place to hold them if you don't want to put them all in your Windows font folder.

Quotations -- I just like this page, not sure how much it will help you display your Cricut creations online so much as it will list quotes by topic for your layouts.

Blogger -- this blog is courtesy of Google's Blogger. There's also Typepad, (Typepad is really more geared towards business blogging and isn't free--oops) Wordpress, Live Journal, and many others that are really more social networking than blogging.

If you don't like your template/background for your blog, The Cutest Blog on the Block has some really nice templates that are easy to download and won't erase any of your current information on your page if you already have one started. I wish I'd used them from the beginning. If you haven't started your blog but have already decided you don't like any of the current templates/backgrounds, check out Pyzam. They have more templates, widgets, and page pets than you'll know what to do with. The widgets & page pets should be OK if you already have your blog up and going. It's more difficult to change to a Pyzam template if you have alot on your blog because of they way they add the html code. If anyone knows more about this & can help those who want Pyzam pages but already have alot on their page, please leave a comment on this post. Thank you!

These are all free except Typepad. Not free trials, actual free pages/software. If something has changed on any of the links, please let me know so I can change it. NOTE: alot of these pages/software also have paid versions. This is not what I'm referring to.

HTML color codes You get to choose what color you want your blog title, post title, text, etc. In Blogger at least, your choices are somewhat limited. This chart gives you codes (you must put a number sign in front of them) that you put in the box to the right of the color chart so that you can change it to almost any color. On the html color code page, the colors are in brackets. Do not put the brackets in the box for the color code.

A fun site for lots of free stuff (and stuff that's free for trial) is Once you're on, use the search box in the upper right hand corner to find what you need. Once you have done this and clicked on "Go", a list of software in that category will come up. Now, look in the left hand column. You can further filter this list by, for instance, clicking on "free trial" or "free download". I usually click "free download" so that I know the list contains only items totally free for download. I highly recommend checking out this site.

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