Sunday, August 17, 2008

CricuTips for the weeks of August 3rd & 10th

Each week the CricuTips from the previous week are moved to the posting section to make room for a new set of tips.

Sorry to do this again, but this set of tips will be up for two weeks instead of one because of the facelift/reconstruction.If you want to look at Cricut Chirps, Cricut's official newsletter that lets you know of updates to Cricut products, click HERE. The link goes directly to an up-to-date monthly archive, giving you access to any & all Cricut Chirps.HERE is the link letting you know all of the latest Cricut promotions, including the Michaels free design studio download offer.Having problems with something Cricut that is still under warranty? Buy a brand new blade or mat that isn't working as it should? Call Cricut customer service toll free from 7 a.m.–6 p.m. MST M-F at 1-877-7CRICUT.Are you having problems with your shapes/cuts not cutting like they're supposed to--i.e., cuts are overlapping (a circle that was supposed to be above a square is right in the middle of it), lines are where there not supposed to be, etc.:1)make sure your rollers are clean & free of any residue from any type of adhesive you applied to your mat2)check to see if there is anything underneath the mat, or rather stuck to the bottom of it that is coming between the mat & the matchine3)double check that your mat isn't running in to a wall while cutting -- pull your Cricut as far away from the wall as is necessary to give your mat plenty of clearance4)make sure that your Cricut is sitting on a level surface--i.e., make sure it's not half on a mat, etc., and half on a table -- even if it's just a thin mat. Cricuts need level surfaces.5)make sure your paper is adhered properly to the mat. If there are "pockets" where it isn't, the paper can get jerked around & therefore PROBLEMS!6) Don't push the mat while it's cutting from any angle.7)there have been some problems with those who have SCAL software having problems with both SCAL & Design Studio, and even having problems when they're not using software but they have SCAL. Random lines were drawn through the paper. If you have the trial version of SCAL, this is normal. Otherwise, the best thing to do is to make sure you are updated with any DS & SCAL updates; Todd from SCAL is fantastic about fixing these types of problems. Click here to go to Craft Edge/SCAL website.

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