Saturday, August 02, 2008

CricuTips for the week of July 20th

Each week the Cricut tips in the upper right hand section of the blog are moved to the posting section as a new post in order to make way for a new set of CricuTips.

...and there aren't any for the week of July 27th because of a dispute between my computer & Java. You may also want to note that this was published the day before PC announced the deep cut blade & housing. It was inevitable, as other companies were doing it & we were sure PC would follow suit. So the comment about PC debuting a deep cut blade soon is a)officially true, b)kind of prophetic?? OK, pushing it!!

You've probably heard of burping, in the Design Studio sense. If your project isn't welding correctly, this is your solution. You're basically letting the air out of the middle. So what do you need to do if you have that annoying problem? How to you burp your project? It's simple. Click on an outer piece of the project (so that it's "highlighted" with the moving arrows), and then, in this order, click "copy, delete, paste". You're copying & pasting the image while allowing it to"burp" in between. If it doesn't work on the first piece/shape you burp, keep trying it on the outer pieces. It will work!!

Do you want to see exactly what will cut on Design Studio without all of the faded lines between what you've welded? Make sure that the project you want to view is the only one that has "Include in page preview" checked. Open a new, blank page. Click on "view". This will show you exactly what is going to cut.

Want to outline you cuts with a cricut marker? In order to avoid lines on the mat (which won't hurt it anyway), put the marker in the blade housing first & "cut" the shape you want. Markers need to be adjusted to speed 3, pressure 2. Once it's done, it's important that you don't unload the mat--so that everything cuts in just the right place. Put the blade back in, making sure that you adjust the speed, blade depth, and pressure according to the paper you are using. Cut out your shape & you should have an outlined shape, ready to go.

Need to cut paper, etc., that just doesn't want to cooperate? The multi-cut (in both Design Studio and on the Cricut Expressions, but not on the Cricut Create or original baby cricut) works nicely for this purpose. I've heard that Klik-n-Kut has a blade that cuts deeper because of the angle of the blade, but can't recommend it just yet. I'd be willing to bet that Provo Craft is coming out with a "steeper" blade fairly soon.

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