Friday, August 22, 2008

Cricut Design Studio & what some of the changes mean

When I first downloaded this new version of Design Studio a week or two ago and saw the additional "Nudge" keys I was ecstatic to say the least. The essence of this is that you can basically enter all of your shapes/fonts for the image you are creating without having to start a new "character string", or set of characters (shapes/fonts) going in the direction you want them to. The exception is when you only want to slant or rotate select characters within the character string. If you are not going to slant or rotate select characters, when you add shapes/fonts to your creations, just make sure that the arrows are around the character string you are adding to (the black arrows in the blue circles). The new nudge keys mean that you can go up and down (as well as right and left as you were able to before). You can either click your nudge key or hold it down to move the characters. When you make sure that you have entered all of your shapes/fonts on one "character string", i.e., they are all within one set of the moving arrows (the black arrows in the blue circles) you can move the whole creation as one in whatever direction you wish, even on to another project.

Here's an illustration of what I'm talking about:


In this screen shot notice the positioning--nothing has been moved with the new nudge keys:

DS Nudge Arrows3

In this screen shot, I've used the down arrow nudge key:

DS Nudge Arrows2

Next, I entered some other shapes. It's interesting to see that they lined up with the original shape I entered, and not the shape I moved:

DS Nudge Arrows1

Refresher info:
Kerning: Enter a negative number, such as -.02, if you want the shapes to overlap. Experiment as you may want your items barely touching or you may want them practically on top of each other. This also works if you want the shapes to be farther apart. Apply a positive kerning. Just remember to click "apply" after you've entered the number in the kerning box. The "apply" button is only for kerning.


And if you want to see exactly what is going to be cut, make sure the page you are going to be cutting is the only one with the preview box checked, and then view that page on a blank page. Sounds odd, but just open a new, blank page, click the view key on the left, and you'll see what I mean. The lines that are not going to be cut, which are only faded on the actual page you are working on, will disappear on the blank page (again, after you have clicked view). Of course if an item is not welded, it will appear in color & be cut as appears. Here is an example of what I am talking about.

Here is an image that has been welded, but we're viewing it on the original page (the page it was created on):


on the above image, you see the arrows (black, in a blue circle) around the image; this is what I am referring to when I say that the "moving arrows" are around the image, or that the image is "highlighted"

Now below is the same image on a blank page:


To change whether or not a page is included in the preview, right click the mat and either check (if you DO want it to be previewed) or uncheck (if you DO NOT want it to be in the preview) "Include in page preview":


Notice that you can also change the page name, page order, and color of page preview in this same box. To change the page name, type a new one in the box below page name and hit enter.

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