Friday, July 18, 2008

CricuTips for the week of July 13th

Each week (hopefully), new CricuTips will be posted and the old ones will be moved to a blog post. See the upper right hand corner of the blog for the latest tips.

In Design Studio, if you want a mirror image, click on the (Turn) 90 button twice and then click flip shapes (after you have selected the original shape of course). This only works correctly on the original, un-slanted, un-rotated image/shape. These buttons are in the “Shape Properties” square in the upper right hand corner.

Can’t decide whether or not you need Cricut Expressions? If you have Design Studio, you essentially have all of the features that CE offers. The big difference? The size of paper. You can only use 6 x 12 on the baby or original Cricut, and you can use up to 12 x 12 or 12 x 24 paper on the big enchilada (depending on the mat size).

Wal-Mart is again offering the Cricut. The Cricut Expressions is available at most Wal-Mart's along with about a five-foot section of other Cricut items. The CE appears to only have Plantin Schoolbook, so take a look at the Accent Essentials cartridge and make sure you don’t want it (or don’t want to sell it!) before you make the purchase. The original CE package had both Plantin and Accent; some configurations specifically for individual retailers had as many as four cartridges included with the Cricut Expressions. The CE curently at Wal-Mart with only Plantin retails for around $289 depending on your area. Click here to go to Wal-Mart online, which has both Cricut Expressions options (you can get just the CE with Plantin or the CE with Plantin & Accent, along with MANY other Cricut products). CreativeXpress has the Cricut Expressions with Plantin, Accent & Going Places for $364 this week. They also have the personal (baby) Cricut with Design Studio on sale for $189. They also have the Cuttlebug for $39.89, which I highly recommend. Serious bargains, folks!

Want an easy border made with Design Studio? Find a cute flourish or flower or something you like on one of your cartridges. For a one-inch image, click on it five times to start with, clicking the space key in between. Make sure you have the welding box checked (in the shape properties box in the upper right hand corner). Click copy, and then paste – and then move the pasted set of images so that it fills the spaces between your original set of images. Now check the flip shapes box. Move it around so that all shapes are touching. Play with it—move the shapes up or down or angle them until you see a border you like. Since everything is welded together, this will be a cut out border. If you want a border on the actual piece of paper you are cutting, simply do not weld the shapes – uncheck weld and make sure none of the shapes are touching (unless the welded image is what you want a negative of). You will have negative images and can easily place paper of your choice behind them. In no time, you’ll be comfortable adding different shapes in to the mix.
Bonus tip – instead of “flip shapes” as listed above, click on (turn) 90 twice and weld (unless you are opting for the negative shape option). And yes – you can do both – flip shapes and turn 90. This is Design Studio, and the possibilities are endless, and UP TO YOU!!!

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